Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Surprise!

I woke up rather early for a Sunday. While most of the world was still in snooze mode sleeping off the night of frolickery and fun, I was in bed trying to shut out the feline blowing her kitty breath in my face. Mo-mo cat is the more quiet of the two mew-mews we love and adore. It's a rare occasion for her to awaken me let alone jump up on my bed. I guessed my presence was required at her food dish. I was wrong. Whatever the reason for her to rudely rouse me from my slumber, I was up.
Rather than follow my typical Sunday ritual of total silence, coffee and this blog, I turned on the television. Clicking guide, I scrolled until something fantastic caught my eye! PILLOW TALK was on AMC.

On January 25, I posted a blog about this utterly delightful Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie. Could it be that the powers of programming heeded my call for guilty pleasures and simple memories of childhood? I realize it's highly unlikely, but damn if the thought hadn't crossed my caffeine deprived brain.
So, the moment of serendipitous fantasy was immediately shaken off to be a silly notion, but it did make me wonder just who might be the readers behind the numerous clicks on the hit counter.
Thanks for reading, cool-cats and kittens!
*this thanks doesn't include stupid shmucks who can't take a direct "beat it!" as a hint*


  1. Sunday mornings are what old movies are for. Pillow Talk is one of my favorites, I can't pass it up whenever I see it's on. Thank God for TMC. Have a great Sunday!

  2. I hate to break this news to you, but the Programming Gods aren't honing in on your desires. AMC is having "Oscar Month", playing Oscar winning films. Good reason to tune in, though. Huh?


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