Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's cookin' good lookin'?

Blah blah -- watch the vlog.


  1. You're so well-spoken, Marissa. I enjoy your infrequent vlogs. You really ought to do them more often. By the way, I turned 46 three weeks after you, and unfortunately, I feel worse than i did when I was 36, physically. My work has me going full-tilt gonzo weekdays, a clean job but with no lunch, pee-breaks, etc. When i get home, I'm famished,exhausted, and not at all ready to run or jog or walk or even jump up and down. I keep saying that I will do this for only a couple more years, then "get off the treadmill". Two years later, I'm doughier (is that a word) than I was prior. Just the cycle of life, The rat race. The caged animal. I applaud your priorities, and your effort. Ck1

  2. Cat! Thank you

    Cool, as always I love your comments. I'm going to try to do more vlogs. The only problem with them is my obvious lack of word variation. It's proof that I rely on a thesaurus LOL
    Doughier is a word because spell-check didn't underline it. I totally get what you're saying, though. A good friend changed his work load and gained weight as a result. Middle age takes a toll.
    Happy Belated Birthday, by the way.

  3. Thanks, Marissa, for your comment. Thesaurus, funny. You write very well (you have a novel in there and could have great fame and fortune, whenever the muse strikes to write for profit--keep me posted when you turn the corner and decide to become a rich and famous writer). And you speak much better than you think you do. It's funny how we see ourselves as different than others see us. Anyhow, you are super pretty and have character and personality up the wazoo and are a fun person with a killer smile.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend@! CK1


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