Sunday, August 1, 2010

Arms: Bands or dumbbells

this style available through Beachbody
As you know I am using the newest Beachbody workout program called Turbo Fire. It is intense. HIIT -- High Intensity Interval Training -- workouts fire up calorie burning like none other.  I love it.  Prior to using this program I used Power 90 (the pre P90X workout by Tony Horton) and Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson.  Both programs provided effective sculpting workouts that really gave my shoulders, back and biceps definition.  Sure, there's a layer of fat so it makes me seem more bulky.  I have no doubts the muscles will be lean and sexy through diet and increased cardio workouts.  Turbo Fire incorporates sculpting and toning, too.  It's not all high intensity cardio, but that is a primary focus.  Here's the hitch:  On the DVD they use resistance bands.  I do not like them for arm work. They have a great place when I'm on the floor and using them for rowing or core strengthening, but, for me, they are wonky and awkward. Not only does the movement not feel right, they irritate my upper arms when I'm attempting overhead triceps work. Due to that it is discouraging to want to do that particular class in the series.  So, guess what? I'm modifying with dumbbells.  Yeah! You can do that!
B-Lines available through Beachbody
How many people give up when something doesn't seem to fit right? It's not like finding the cutest pair of shoes EVER and after twenty minutes of wear they give you icky blisters.  Since you spent a small fortune on them, you can't bear to part with the cuties for the footsies.  Instead, you put them on a shelf where you can admire their exquisiteness.  Don't do that with your workout DVDs.  Adjust it to suit your needs and comfort level.  No one ever got healthier sitting on the couch while staring at the numerous workout DVDs gathering dust on the shelving unit. 


  1. For me personally, nothing works as well as 3, 5, & 7 lb dumbbell weights... I start with the 7, & drop back to the 5, then the 3 as I become fatigued. I love the way I feel after routines with the free weights.

  2. Actually, you'll also get leaner the more muscle you build, since muscle burns fat!! :)


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