Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I can see in your face that you're a loser!"

The title of this post is a comment that a friend sent to me on Facebook. I started a Marissology fan page and sent out invites for people to join. I suspect this friend saw new photos of me. The play on words caused me to laugh my ever decreasing tushy off. I won't call him out on it since he did send his thoughts in a private message, but it was just too cute for words not to share.

I do havesome BIG! Ginormous!! HUGE-GANTIC!! news to share. Kind of ironic considering the gargantuan news is about something getting smaller.  Yes, another weight loss update.


Today, August 29, 2010 I stepped up on the scale to have it remain for a week solid on ....... never mind the number.  It tells me that I have lost FORTY POUNDS of back fat, booty slap, jiggling cottage cheese and BINGO! wings since my decision to get healthy began with three shakes a day for 3 days with Shakeology on the 3-day Cleanse.

It has not been easy.  There is absolutely no sense in trying to make this journey seem more like gliding across terrain not met with obstacles.  Plus, it's been a joint effort of making healthy food choices (not perfectly, mind you) and working out diligently.  I make an appointment with my workouts as if they are the most important job interview of my life.  They are non-negotiable.  Period.

The incredible thing about not turning to the latest magic pill that might help me lose weight but destroy my organs in the process offered up from Big Pharmaceutical A-Z is that I know it's all me. My hard work and the encouragement of friends and loved ones brought me here.  Little ol' me who never thought she'd return to the energetic, glorious, fit person living deep within.

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