Friday, June 4, 2010

Stoke the Turbo fire that burns, baby, burns!

Excitement is buzzing all over Team Beachbody for a new fitness program that can burn 9X the fat and calories of traditional aerobic programs.  It's called TURBO FIRE⌐. Creator Chalene Johnson has brought us booty shakin', high kicking and punching Turbo Jam (a personal favorite) and ChaLEAN Extreme.  This new fat blasting 10 dvd set consists of 12 workouts guaranteed to melt away the pounds of stubborn weight.  Chalene and her team pick out some of the best music to keep you motivated while the sweat drips down your back. The key component of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It will also contain everything you need to get started toward your ultimate beach body.  Couple this phenomenal program with Shakeology, Team Beachbody Meal Plan (newly updated for Club members) and in no time you'll be calling Goodwill to pick up all your clothes because you'll be shopping for smaller ensembles that show off your head turning physique!

Check out the link for Turbo Fire and sign up to be alerted for it's release.  It's going to be HUGE!  If this program appears to be a bit too much, there are dozens of programs to suit your needs.  However, I urge you to not undersell yourself and your abilities. Am I a little scared? Hell yeah! Four months ago I would have said, "Hell no! I can't do that."  However, I have hit a wall with my workouts.  My belief is that I need more! It's not enough to do the minimum.  Now, I have to push it to the limit.  This is something I know I can do and every day that I do it I'll get a little better.  It would be great if you'd join me in the furnace and BURN, BABY!!

One of the biggest problems I faced in losing weight was lack of motivation (I found that in my head) and having excuses about gyms being too expensive; too far away; too crowded; and mostly, having no direction or guidance once I got there.  Plus, I'm self conscious and bouncing around in front of people held too much potential for humiliation.  Working out at home is ideal, but without all the weight machines and other equipment at my disposal I felt useless.  Most workout dvds I had just didn't come with a plan.  That all changed with Team Beachbody.  I know, I know ... it sounds so easy.  The key is reaching deep inside and finding the true desire to take control of my weight and health.  The next step is finding a support team that has the answers and unique qualities to cover every base in my endeavors.  Beachbody has it all.  People who are already incredibly fit utilize the online facility to achieve their prime fitness levels.  It's not just about being overweight or unfit. (In case some of you out there are saying, "but I don't need to lose weight.")  More and more of my friends are reporting that they have high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and the first thing most of them say is their doctor wrote out a prescription.  Our health is in our own hands and you must take control of it.  Your HMO doesn't give a damn.  Many physicians are too busy to sit down and help you find an ideal eating and exercise regimen.  YOU must do this yourself.  Wouldn't it be nice to not have to take medications with every meal? The side effects of pharmaceuticals scare me enough to never want to depend upon them. Talk about motivational literature.  EEP!! How about just getting out of bed and doing so without feeling your knees are going to buckle under?  Reassess your lifestyle and make a choice to get fit or carry on with an apathetic approach to your own life.

Wow, did I just get bossy?  I'm on fire! Bring it.


  1. YEAH!!!


  2. I'm so excited for the release of this program! I'm getting amazing results with Turbo Jam -- this will set my fat on fire! Bikini pics will be just around the corner LOLOL

  3. I'm so thrilled that you've found your groove!! It's a joy to watch you transform your life. Yea!


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