Friday, June 25, 2010

Dress me up!

Every time a birthday approaches -- my own -- I tend to paint a mental picture of how grandiose it will pan out.  As it unfolds, reality doesn't meet the fantasy hopes and dreams. But I manage to turn a year older and deal with the fact that for most people, a birthday is just another day of the year.  Expecting other people to treat my birthday like a national holiday is utter nonsense and it is up to me to make it spectacular even if I am the only one attending the party.

What better ensemble to celebrate, not only the anniversary of my birth (I'll be 45 this August), but also the mid transformation of my body than with an exquisite red dress! I've never owned a red dress other than my junior year, polyester show choir dress.  At least I know red is a color that suits me. When I was younger my modesty stood in the way.  I thought red was an ostentatious hue. As I aged my weight was my excuse. Mislead, I believed such a brilliant tone would make me look bigger. Now, at the risk of being a middle aged cliche, it's within my rights to be fit, fabulous and forty-five!

Red is simply a color. The cut and style must be ideal for my body. I could wear a mu-mu and not deliver the same effect. I have an over sized red, hooded robe that is far and away from being scintillating.  Another factor is price.  My wallet is often 'in the red'. Therefore, couture is out of the question. Yet, there's no reason it can't appear to be a pricey garment.  Naturally, I'll need shoes to complement the stunning dress. Accessories are important.  The dress design selected will have to accommodate wearing a brassiere. So, no strapless or spaghetti strap numbers.  Halters are out, as well.  Also, I'm currently in the plus-size range.  That limits my options greatly since the fashion world thinks heavier women WANT to look like advertising space that can be seen from the space shuttle.  I have curves and want to show them off.  However, my legs are not my best feature.  Just say no to minis.

Why am I giving you my wishes for my birthday red dress?  I want your help, that's why.  I'm not the best judge of attire for myself.  Sincerely, I do not know what really looks good on me.  So, peruse the web and send me your picks for the dress I'll wear on my 45th.  Feel free to accessorize. 

Where will I be going that day? It's possible I might be grocery shopping at Aldi.  Maybe I'll be spotted in the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart -- put that on! It doesn't matter where I go. It's the point that I'm celebrating me.  Perhaps that is a tad narcissistic, but if I don't blow my own party horn, who will?

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  1. I kinda see you in this...

  2. Well, now that's quite the party dress :) Thank you

  3. Ok, here ya go:
    Can always get the bolero to go over it :)

    And you can't beat THIS price!

    Good luck finding the "perfect" birthday dress! I'm sure you could wear anything and look beauuutiful!

  4. Oooh, I like that bedazzled empire waistline dress. Quite fetching

    The second dress is nice, but did you get a load of the shoes on the model? Who styled her? Yuck!

  5. You would look HOT in this dress:

  6. LOL, the shoes DON'T make the dress in link #2! Yikes.


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