Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Loving you is easy

Ya know how you'll be going about your business and not really looking for a song that speaks to you? You hear the introduction and it grabs you. Then, the lyrics start to trickle into your ears and *click*. You'd swear the lyricist knows you better than you know yourself.  So, you hop on the Internet and look for the song to find, as you suspected, that it's by one of your favorite recording artists.  Sarah McLachlan has done it again.  She's recorded some songs that seem to get me.  One in particular really seems to have been written for little ol' me.  I've featured her new release Laws of Illusion in the widget over yonder to the right.  That's the deluxe edition complete with videos.

To make life less complicated and to relieve you of the task of searching for the lyrics or song I speak of today, here you go. It's a simple little diddy.  But in life, sometimes it is the simplest things that give the greatest pleasure.

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  1. This is the first time I hear it ---> Loving it is easy.

    Thanks for posting.


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