Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Whether or not you want your birthday acknowledged, it still comes around year after year.  Even after people pass away we tend to celebrate the birth of the loved one.  For me, what it all boils down to is giving thanks that someone I care about was put on this earth and is part of my life.  At work, I buy birthday cards for every employee and pass it around for others to sign.  It's not much, but at least their day isn't overlooked.  One of my co-workers humorously proclaimed herself a BIRTHZILLA.  She celebrates her birthday weeks before and after the actual date.  While I teased her greatly for it, I think to a certain level it is up to us to make sure the world knows we're here another year and the anniversary of our first slap on the ass needs to be glorified. 

June 10th marks a very special birth.  The person who will turn 45 has become one of the dearest people in my life.  He's not a newcomer but his re-entry into my realm has been more meaningful than either of us ever thought possible.  Not in my control, I've missed all of his other birthdays. But not this year.  Even though I can't be there to light his candles and sing to him in the flesh, this year will not pass by without him knowing that, to me, his birthday is an auspicious occasion in the world of Riss.  The care package I sent made it just in the nick of time.  The fates were with me.  Happiest of birthdays, Dearest.  Always. xoxoxox

Now, if you're wondering where to make note of my birthday on your calendar, it's August 11.  I, too, will be 45! Yes, I am comfortable with people making a big deal over it.  I encourage it if it will make you feel better.  Parades and pinatas are not required, but welcome. Once someone at work gave me plastic daisies and Tootsie Rolls from the Dollar Tree after I'd commented that no one had ever given me flowers and candy on my birthday.  That gesture was one of the sweetest things ever and I'll never forget it.

My baby boy will be 16 this August.  I know boys don't usually have the sweet 16 parties that girls plan and salivate over for years prior.  My family threw one for me. It was an incredible source of light I needed after a traumatic summer.  Fortunately, nothing dramatic is foreseen for this summer.  Mancub is excited but laments over not having a thriving pack of friends who'll help him celebrate.  I miss that for him as I had groups of kids I hung around with at school, from childhood, musicals and show choir.

They say age is just a state of mind.  If that's the case, then I'm still a giddy 16 year old girl with slightly used parts.

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