Thursday, June 25, 2009

A tall drink of water

OK, I'm a tall chick. I'm not a rail thin supermodel tall chick. Let's just say my curves make an entrance before I do. There's no secret that I battle with my weight and the weight usually wins. That's not what this is about.

I recently signed up on dating website. I'm not revealing which one because I do like to keep some things private. In my profile I state that I am a plus-size "thick" woman of 5'11". Due to my height and size I prefer a man bigger and as tall if not taller than me. I have taken about as much flack for such a preference than I can bear. Men who are shorter seem to give me guff for "setting such a specific parameter therefore limiting the dating pool."

Now, my argument is that many women who are much shorter than I prefer men who tower over them. A lot of men that I know who are taller than me prefer petite women. I don't throw a fit and tell them they are fools for having such specific desires. I accept it as a preference. We all have them in the grand scheme of mating and dating.

This is not to say that I haven't dated shorter men. I have. Their personalities were so dynamic that I didn't give much thought to seeing the top of their heads rather than looking directly in their eyes or up at them.

Here's the rub on the whole issue about height and dating: Points are not scored by telling me I'm insecure and lacking in confidence. Do not tell me I'd be worth the climb as if I'm Mount Kilimanjaro. Doing so makes me envision Jane Goodall with a chimp on her hip. Not the picture you want induce if you're making an attempt to woo me. Informing me that we're all the same height when horizontal is a worn out phrase that was never amusing or remotely enticing. Stop it.

It's not as if I've specifically painted a picture of a man whom I want to spend my life with. I don't limit hair or eye color. I don't care if a man has hair. There is no definite weight or body type to which I am attracted.

The bottom line of this rant is that I'm not the insecure dude with short man syndrome. Putting a woman down because she knows what she prefers is not a means of exuding one's self confidence. In my profile I lay it on the line. It's there in print that I prefer tall men. I don't hint around about it. I'm a freakin' Amazon woman! So, if you're a shorter-than-me guy why bother? Fine, they think I'm cute and found other aspects of my profile charming. Groovy. They tell me. I say thank you. Then, I get blindsided with objections to my height preferences. It's not as if I'm the only woman left on earth. There are thousands of women out there looking for a knight in aluminum armor ... as tiny as it may be.

I k n o w the dating pool is getting shallow with each year that I age. I'm fully aware that beggars can't be choosers. But I am not begging! I've lived a single life since '99. I've done quite well with only an occasional date or a brief relationship. You see, I don't n e e d to be in a relationship to feel normal or happy. I w a n t to share my life with someone because I'm a damned amazing woman and that should be shared, don't you think? *snort*

image borrowed from where she claims to be the tallest woman on earth ... nice platforms, babe.


  1. Rupe couldn't help but laugh his ass off at this post. Brilliant!

    "Let's just say my curves make an entrance before I do." Confident!

    "Do not tell me I'd be worth the climb as if I'm Mount Kilimanjaro." Guffaw-worthy!

    "Men who are shorter seem to give me guff for 'setting such a specific parameter therefore limiting the dating pool.'" Put'em in their place by pounding the top of their heads relentlessly!

    Go, Riss!

  2. *snorty snort snort* thanks. I'm glad we can see eye to eye

  3. I love this and completely agree with it. If you know what you want then don't settle for anything less!

  4. I think your preferences are perfectly normal and you're going to get some whiners.

  5. I couldn't even laugh at this because there's so much truth to it.
    Short men are ANGRY.
    ANGRY is the least attractive personality trait of them all.

    Keep at it, lady.
    The odds are in your favour to find someone whose company you at least enjoy in the midst of the all the Napoleons.
    Delete delete delete.

  6. I, too, prefer tall men. I am not tall myself, but a 5'7 man is NOT tall to me. Just because it is an inch taller than me doesn't mean I need to be satisfied with that height. I do not consciously go around belittling *snicker* men who do not rise *snicker snicker* to a certain height. However, I am instantly attracted to a man who is taller, regardless of his other charms.

    If men can prefer blondes, or big boobs, or long legs .... why can't women prefer height?


  7. Hey, preferences are great. But if you rule a guy out in height alone you sell yourself 'short'... just like the guy who chases after skinny gals.


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