Friday, June 12, 2009

Make it snappy

I've entered a photo contest. I do not proclaim to be a good or even mediocre photographer. My pics are taken on a cute, pink Sony Cybershot that I got on sale at Target. It suits my needs. So, please don't expect to see award winning snapshots. I'm just having a good time and it takes my mind off having a car with jacked up a/c.

The sponsor of this scavenger hunt like photo contest is Eaglehawk. The rules were simple (thank God because I have a hard time following rules and instructions.)

Here are the required items: Baseball, Flag, Corn, Dog, Cow, Train, Turtle, Out of Control, Pizza, Heat, House, Roses, Wheel, Jungle Gym, Squirrel and Bottle

Mancub had to dig this out of his closet

This was snapped while driving around a historic neighborhood

Look ma! No hands.

It's stuffed, but it's canine-like.

This is the post mooing form of cow: Meatballs

This reflects physical training ... if ever utilized.

Cowabunga, Dude!

Silver attacking an innocent ruler. She's insane.

Yummy! Monical's Pizza

Yes, that's the flame from my stove.

This is a Frank Lloyd Wright house in historic Kankakee.

Roses from an arrangement.

Mancub's bike wheel

Also taken in historic Kankakee. Cobb Park along the Kankakee River

This little dude is lucky he's not pavement pudding. He darted in front of the car.

My weapon of choice. I do not suggest mixing it with All Bran lemonade mix. Just sayin'.


  1. Nice! You did a great job on these. Pavement pudding... I've never heard that one :) Can we vote?

  2. These are fab/gear pix!

    My fave is the Frank Lloyd Wright house. I love the ``walking tour`` where you get to see & go into some of his houses in Oak Park & River Forest.

  3. I like this tasty picture with the Monical's Pizza. I think I'll go and have a piece right now.


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