Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's June. It's cold. I could cut glass.

Following in the steps of music critic and man about town -- Sean Daly -- I need a playlist to turn up the heat in Illinois.

It's June 2 and the current temperature is 48. FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES FAHRENHEIT! It's quite ridiculous that I have to wear a light sweater when I ought to be grossing out teen agers with my old lady arm flab waving at them as I drive by with my car windows open while wearing a tank top. I should be at the water park where I attempt to park my chaise lounger close enough to the water that I simply have to slide into the water without exposing my dimply, veiny legs. Full exposure of my legs has been known to instill horror in small children.

This is ridiculous. And don't you dare throw this up in my face when I'm whining that I can't seem to get cool enough when the temperatures in August are pushing well beyond 100 and the humidity is 1000%.

Summer here, Summer not


  1. Rupe will not let the "I could cut glass" notation run wild in his 'magination .....

  2. It's been freezing here too. I do prefer it to the 100 degree days, though and laugh when I think about how cold it was a few months ago and 40 degrees would feel tropical. Are we ever really happy with the weather? Probably not.


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