Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take a load off, Rissy!

In dire need of a pedicure, I bravely post a photo of my feet. I hate feet. Particularly my own dawgies. They don't match and they are huge. Ick! However, I am making a statement:

I am off work for four days and boy am I going to make the best of it. I officially put my feet up and just enjoyed a few moments of solitude.

After going to the auto shop to pay for repairs on my car, I am totally broke. Zilch remains in my paltry rainy day fund. La Banque du Cochon is currently emaciated. The alternator was corroded and I ought to consider myself lucky to have never been left stranded on the highway. Because the alternator was shot, the car ran solely on the already strained power of the battery. With 1,000 miles over the 3,000 recommended oil change, it was also time for an oil change. Add to that list, my a/c stopped working back in early autumn. It was blowing air, but the cold was void. Alas, my Saturn needed serious attention.

I'm not bitching about having to put forth the money for repairs. I had the money socked away. Of course I was hoping Mancub and I might be able to escape for a day or two to an amusement park. We're currently experiencing crappy weather that would have put a damper on a good time at a nearby establishment of fun and frolickery. I'm sitting here wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and socks. June is not busting out all over! It feels more like April.

I had requested this weekend off from work to participate in the local Relay for Life. I hope the weather is far more agreeable then than it is now. Although I managed to exceed my goal, I will continue to take donations. Many thanks and offerings of gratitude are extended to those of you who donated, walk with me in spirit or participate in a local Relay for Life event.

So, even though I'm lounging around contemplating how to make the most of my time off while only finding receipts, a random button and several pennies -- not totally broke -- in my wallet, I am doing a dance of joy.


  1. Awesome. I love your optimism in the face of an empty wallet. We have a car in the shop right now and are waiting to hear the damage... I will remember your happy dance as an inspiration :)

    p.s. who really likes their feet?

  2. Your "dawgies" aren't bad at all. There's nothing wrong with having attractive feet. I've been thinking about a pedicure myself, but being a male, I'm afraid I'd get strange looks.

  3. Aww TC, you're kind. When I used to get regular manis and pedis, there was a regular customer who shocked me, but he explained himself. He was an overall wearing, farmer who was re-entering the dating world. He said he loved working with the earth, but didn't want his hands to be so rough that a lady wouldn't want to hold it. He added that his feet needed care as playing footsie with nasty, calloused feet might hurt a new love.
    A lot of men get their hands and feet taken care of professionally. I'd never pass judgement. In fact, I'd bet most women would compliment you for taking time for personal care.

  4. I like it when men get professional treatments. There's no reason to `let themselves go` as they age. Most women don't.

    My boyfriend is extremely well-groomed, & I love that about him. I'm proud to be seen with him.


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