Monday, March 30, 2009

Ooh, shiny!

Last week, as you know, was emotionally stressful and I simply existed in a fog. Rapid fire mood changes brought on, initially, by my Uncle Chuck's passing. Unfortunately for those within my line of fire, PMS or PMDD or what-the-fugever chickish hormonal problem also kicked in and ... I snapped ever so slightly at work. The computers kept crashing and no one bothered to call the tech line to find out if the issue was network related or just our location. Then, when I -- yes, I called the help line -- informed the powers that be that it was, indeed, a corporate server issue, they continued to use the computers rather than the 'system down kit' as instructed by the broadcast bulletin. UGH! Anyway, the lab computer wouldn't stay online ... no one was listening to me. My psycho vein on the left side of my head pulsated. I'm quite certain my skin was turning green as my flesh tore at the seams of my clothing. Thank God for Lycra infused fabrics. That's all I'm saying.

In my defense, I was also sleep deprived. Unlike some of my friends who are accustomed to insomnia and manage to function, I do not. My body aches. My brain feels as if it's twitching in my skull. My eyes were so red it was suspected I had pink eye. I would have gladly accepted that diagnosis as it's a fast ticket home. I need to work to earn my money, but being horizontal in my bed was all I could focus on. With sleep deprivation I am, under stressful circumstances, a bottle of ammonia awaiting a droplet of bleach.

I stuck it out and stayed my entire shift. Running solely on adrenaline and caffeine, I managed to not destroy everything that I touched. I'm sure there are hurt feelings, but I offered no apologies. When people are stupid they should suffer the consequences of their moronicness (not a word? I don't care. It suits my purpose for now.)

Today is a brand new day. OK, everyday is a brand new day, but let's not get hung up on details. Although I went to bed at a reasonable hour, can someone give me the make and model of the truck that hit me?

Time along with focus on the positive is required, I suspect. The news is on and nothing seems to be with an upturned note. Sadness abounds. The remote is my friend *click* I'm fully expecting that Lilliputian Glumdalclitch from Gulliver's Travels to let out his trademark groan, "we're doooooomed. we'll never make it."

I need a nap.


  1. You're having a physical reaction to the emotional avalanche you've just experienced. Emotional upheaval triggers all kinds of negative physical side effects. Your mind will heal & so will your body. Eat really good, take vitamins & rest up. It will pass & your body will get back to it's natural order.

  2. I can't offer advice any better than Cat and Ruprecht have, they've summed it all up. But, I wanted to drop a comment so you know that I've read this and I'll be thinking about you in this time of stress.

  3. Your friends are right... you're doing too much, and the exhaustion is making everything feel catastrophic. Sleep... (perchance to dream?)


  4. Morning Riss,

    Hope you're feeling better today. Wish I lived closer. I'd come over to work out & Jai Ho dance, & then I'd take you to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant for Margaritas & Fajitas. We could get all buzzed-out !!! & talk music & girl talk.... it'd be a `mind vacation!`

    Now I'm going jogging around `Coffee Pot Bayou` & look into all the beautiful houses around there. Florida mornings are PERFECT weather right now. Lots of the houses have really cool awnings. I'm thinking of doing a coffee table book >>> AWESOME AWNINGS!

  5. How about wine? Wine always works for me.


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