Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sean Daly!

I'm a celebrator of birthdays. I know a lot of people prefer to play down the anniversary of their births, but I find them all together fabulous. Sure, there are a select few I wish had never been born, but on the whole, I want people to know I appreciate their presence in my life. Even if I've never met the person, their existence on this planet has pertinence to my life.
With that being said, I want to wish SEAN DALY of the St. Petersburg Times a very happy birthday. I pray he makes more of it with his family than he did last year. I won't go into it (he blogged about it), but he found himself in the Daly household dog house. He's embarking on the last year of his 30's. For a guy with a glorious full head of hair, gorgeous gams (you should see him in Mantyhose), and an infectious laugh, you'd never know he was so close to entering the second part of his life. I'd be an idiot to gloss over the fact that he's the co-host of a wildly, world-wide popular Stuck in the 80s podcast. If you've not listened to it yet, you need to give it a try. One of my personal favorite moments on the podcast is when Sean breaks out into spontaneous song. He gives falsetto a new name. There's a magic that takes place during the sausage hang with creator and mastermind, Steve Spears. Spears will occasionally break out into song, too. I love when he does. For me, it means he's letting his buzzed hair down. It's a magic that can't be touched by even that creepy Cris Angel, David Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy put together.
Sean is responsible for making me a full on American Idol junky. It has nothing to do, as you may have read in previous posts, with talent. We snark. I've given him grief and he takes it like a man. Of course, as I learned in situational leadership courses, I always praise him doubly for any criticism I might give. I'm a drooling, gurgling fan girl on his blog. He's a gorgeous man. What's a girl to do? It's the role I play, but I do appreciate him and his readers for their insight on current music and pop culture goodies. And I do really think he's hotness exemplified. Of course, I don't have to live with him.
So, at the risk of drying the ink on that restraining order, I want to wish Sean Daly a most joyful and happy birthday!!

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  1. You're the reason I started listening to that podcast. Although there's a lot of stuff in there that I don't remember, I still find it highly enjoyable, though it comes off more of a radio show than a podcast (just not used to that).

  2. I just subscribed to ``SEAN'S `` Magazine.

  3. "at the risk of drying the ink on that restraining order"....Riss, you crack me up and I dig that about you!

  4. You're the best, Marissa!

    Thanks for the love, lust, etc.




    ya know ya, ya know ya !!!


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