Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kindness that keeps on giving

Hello Dudes and Dudettes!

Tuesday is for kindness. There are many bloggers who dedicate each Tuesday to sharing random acts of kindness, means in which they strive to be kind, witness kindness, etc... Go to my lovely friend Claudia's On A Limb to find a list of such people.
Today I am asking to you review my previous blog post. My son is hoping your desire to do something wonderful and kind will help him in his endeavor to raise funds for the Easter Seals. If you're local, you can hold off and wait for the actual day of the telethon (Sunday, March 8), but we hope he'll exceed his personal goal. You don't have to feel obligated to donate a large sum. He managed to get each of his teachers to pledge $5.00 each. That's the cost of a venti, caramel machiato with a double shot.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Have a lovely day and remember to seek out kindness in your hearts, as well as, your daily lives. You'll be richer for doing so. Plus, you might be surprised by the amount of goodness and beauty that surrounds you.

God Bless!


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  2. We're having an old fashioned afternoon ~~Dance Party~~ here in Old Northeast. My Dad is spinning all his old dance records, & I tried to put up the >>> BLAME IT ON THE BOSSA NOVA link, but it didn't work ??? Don't know why.

    I thought everybody would like to get up & dance... Celebrate Mancub exceeding his goal.

    Go ahead, dance anyway!

  3. I sent out his link via ping.fm (hits twitter/facebook/etc). I wish I could get online at a decent time, unfortunately not many will see it at this hour. But even if one other person donates, it is worth the try!


  4. CAT! A dance party is an awesome idea. Mancub is so jazzed about all the love and generosity coming from the interwebs.
    I told him about the dance party and he got up and started shakin' his butt!

    Devyl (lovely real name by the way), you have brought me to tears this morning. I know you know I know how hard it is to dig deep and find the funds and I'm blown away.

    To everyone who is helping Mancub (even linking others to his Champion Page is uber helpful) You are beautiful, amazing people who've inspired me beyond words.

  5. Riss, check out Persall's post today. It's all about movie dicks.

  6. Today is ~~ CHICAGO DAY ~~
    March 4, 2009

    It's CHICAGO'S 172nd Birthday & I can't believe I'm not there to celebrate.

  7. Lovely idea for a Kindness post ... this one and the previous one too! I've already sent my donation to Easter seals ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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