Monday, March 16, 2009

Fat Lips, Birds & St. Patrick's Day

The sound you will hear on this video is not me passing gas. It's the magic of my butt moving on the big blue Reebok ball. I swear! Believe me or not. I don't care. I feel no shame anymore. I didn't realize the sound was that audible until I replayed the vid. Since I am all about shooting myself in the raw, so to speak, I felt compelled to leave it rather than ruin the spontaneous frivolity that is moi!


  1. I just couldn't put this on Sean's.

    I swoon over Chris too. I have pix of him in my wallet, & I've been to many of his KILLER LIVE SHOWS over the years.

    Remember back in 1999 when he was named PEOPLE Magazine's >SEXIEST MAN OF THE YEAR??? & he played that big sold-out show at The Riviera Theater where `Schwety Balls Baldwin' & then wife Kim B were in the audience? Well, I was lurking around the back area where I shouldn't have been (but always are) & I happened to `catch him in an intimate moment' with his drummer Kenny. Okay, it was a full-on MANKISS & CHEEK & NECK NIBBLE. They didn't see me, & right then & there I KNEW I'd never have a chance with him. (A girl can dream, can't she?)

    I've followed them closely since then, & they've remained steadfast, STILL. On his 2000 New Year's show, Chris & Kenny were NY reporters for Jay Leno when Jay probably mistakenly called them "partners" on air. I don't know how many picked up on that, but I did.

    I've got ALL his records, & I'll get this new one too. He is sooo handsome up close! & I hugged him while he was wearing his "Mirrored Suit"... it's just different now... like hugging my brother.

    I never wrote about this anywhere till today.

  2. Worst Chris Cornell song ever.


    Yes. Ever.

  3. Cat outing my beloved Chris Isaak, or am I misinterpreting which Chris she is speaking of??? Egads, the Wicked Game album totally got me through my breakup with Satan's popcorn boy back in '91 and I'd be a little freaked out if I'm misinformed about Chris Isaak's predilications. Spill, give me the scoop, what's the word?

    (And I really, really like seeing the new hair do in action!)

  4. Sherrie, I know. I'm still reeling. I don't care. My fantasies of Chris Isaak remain the same.

    Satan's Popcorn Boy?

  5. "Satan's popcorn boy" is my name for the evil, evil piece o' trash who was my first serious boyfriend. We met when I was a senior in high school, both of us worked at a movie theater. Hence, "Satan's popcorn boy". The first year of our relationship was actually really, nice. After that, he apparently couldn't hide his true nature anymore and it was revealed that he was selling drugs, soliciting prostitutes, and involved with really shady business dealings. To seal the deal that he was pure evil, he became quite abusive AND stabbed me in the leg with a pocketknife- I still have the scar! I used to refer to him as Satan, but I think that gives him too much credit so he has instead become "Satan's popcorn boy". Bastid.

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble. Imagine how I felt when I saw what I saw. In my fantasy, I actually thought I might meet him & he'd like me.

    Actually, it was Jay Leno that accidently (I think) outed him on his Millenium New Year's show. And `radio people` I know tell me that they're still a couple.

    I saw Chris last Fall at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL under the beautifully colored autumn leaves -- He was OUTSTANDING! And that was a wonderful place to see a LIVE Show!

    And I saw him again last year at Ruth Eckerd Hall (Sherrie, maybe you were there that nite too) when he came down off the stage while singing Dean Martin's "Return To Me". That's when he was hugging all the girls, me included. I grabbed his ass too! What the hell, Kenny was still way up on stage. One lady behind me was screaming, "Chris, I wanna have your baby!" Yeah, like that'll happen. The Ruth Eckerd show was the BEST I've EVER seen him! The music was TIGHT & EXCELLENT! & Chris's stage banter was witty & very funny, & he had 3 or 4 "cool suit changes" & brought girls up on the stage to dance. It was rilly~rilly FUN!

    Nothing's really changed. I STILL ADORE HIM. He's got sooo many great tunes, but his 1985 SILVERTONE album remains my personal fave. And I've come to accept Kenny. I just know that Chris will never be taking me home to meet Mom.

  7. Where are you? I declare this hiatus over!! ;)


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