Friday, March 13, 2009

Give in to the Wild Hair!

Sometimes you have to give in to your wild hair. No, no. No one gave in to me. I'm still working on that aspect of my life. Blahville.
You know how you can be sitting on your couch or staring at your computer screen and it hits you? That thing you just have to do. That spur of the moment-if-you-wait-it-won't-happen situation. That's what I succumbed to today and boy, did it feel awesome!
I tend to over think everything. OK, not everything, but damned close. Like, I should have really over thought that marriage deal, but I didn't because I was scolding myself for thinking too much.
First of all, I ate at McDonald's for breakfast. Yeah, yeah, I know it's awful and I'll probably regret it later, but I was suffering from a serious Southern Style Chicken Biscuit from the house of Ronald. So, I caved. Yum!

I realized that I'd left my laundry detergent and softener at home. I had no desire to turn back. Wal-Mart wasn't too far out of the way and those items are always necessary and don't spoil. Whenever I brave that joint, I check out the clearance aisle. I found nothing I couldn't live without. However, I did pass a clearance end cap sporting hall runners. I grabbed one for the upstairs hallway. I'm such a maniac, aren't I? Tooling around trying to think of what else we needed brought me to the health and beauty section. Ped-Egg. It's been tempting me since I first saw the commercial. I haven't bothered with a professional pedicure since I left Georgia back in 2005. I have, mind you, taken my footsies into my own hands and sloughed and slaved to make them presentable during flip flop season. That apparatus requires its own blog entry. Seriously, it's wicked gnarly.

I finally got to the laundromat. With much delight, it wasn't bustling with dregs of society and screaming children. Just the hum of washers and dryers and, well ... I did watch watch Oprah and The View. Changing the channels at the laundromat requires climbing up on a chair and standing on my tip-toes. With my safety in mind, I didn't attempt to change the fuzzy station. At least the volume was low; therefore, suffering was decreased. I did get to see a heartwarming video about Christian the Lion. So, all was not lost.

I mustn't fail to mention that I returned to the laundromat where that ill-fated relationship with Asshat Running Man began. If you choose to check the archives for how I met ARM, July 2008 is a good starting point. The link I provided tells the tale of the end. Oy to the vey! The good news is the owners have installed all new dryers. They are shiny stainless models ... and take longer to dry clothing than the told ones. The upside? My acrylics didn't melt.
Once laundry was complete, I mosied home because I was hungry. That biscuit could only hold me over for so long, after all. Pillow Talk was on AMC again. It's funny, but it was in the same spot as the last time I caught it mid-run. The Internet amused me for a short time and that's when it hit me ... I was bored and checking out my newly colored hair and I noticed an endless amount of split ends. GAH! Talk about ratty and nasty. With plenty of time to kill before Mancub arrived from school, I hopped in the car and pointed the Saturn toward Great Clips.
Once there, I had no time to think of what I wanted. They checked me in and I had a seat. The young woman asked what I wanted done today. Without thinking I did this.
For me to do that, it was a bold move. I'm known for my long locks. This Leo sports a mane of curls from time to time (I know the male lion has the fluffy mane. Get off me!) I believe the last time I had hair above my bra line was before Monica and Bill committed scandalous acts with a cigar.
I have to say, for the time being, I am quite delighted that I let my wild hair have its way with me. Oh, I'm sorry it wasn't shocking, scintillating or life altering. Baby steps, my darlings. Itty, bitty baby steps.
Now, if some charming and delightful man is willing to help me pluck another wild hair, I'm willing to discuss terms. ARGH! There I go thinking again.


  1. I LOVE the new look! Good For you!

  2. Very nice, I'm glad to hear that you let loose and got crazy. I like the new look. As for the evil, nauseating Ped Egg I can only cover my eyes and imagine soothing images to scrub the horror of Ped Egg out of my melon. The sight of those things makes me shudder, I must be missing the appeal of all things related to pedicures and/or high maintenance foot care. Yikes.

  3. My first pedicure was a similar wild hair moment. I was getting a manicure and the woman asked if I wanted to get a pedi 1/2 price. I winced, but woman sitting in the massage chair with her feet soaking talked me into it.
    The Ped-egg? Wicked. Will blog.

  4. I LOVE the new do! It's absolutely fabulous on you!!!

  5. Why did you never tell Rupe you had a Flickr account ... ?!?!?

    Nice hair, by the by .....

  6. Rupe, I requested your friendlinesson Flickr awhile ago. I thought you knew!

    Thanks, y'all, for the reassurance that my new 'do is a good thing. I woke this morning with fluffy David Cassidy hair.

  7. RED HOT new 'do! It looks GREAT on you.
    (I'm diggin my new blond/red locks too.)
    Doesn't it make you feel like a different girl, kinda?

    As for the Ped-egg. I have something similar -- THE MICROPLANE. It has the same metal grater, but with a 6" handle, & it works EXCELLENTLY I must say. It just grosses me out when I empty all those dead skin shavings >>> like...did all this stuff just come off of me? ACK! If I was into voodoo, I could probably put them to good use, or maybe I could incorporate them into my artwork somehow? Oh I'm just goofy today...

    but my feet look FAB-U-LOUS!

  8. Please don't get me started on the AS SEEN ON TV aisle. Those Aqua Globes are beyond marvelous. And Shamwows? Love them.

    As for that hair... oh, lady! Spring cleaning works on people as well as homes and you look MAHVELOUS!!!!!!


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