Friday, December 19, 2008

TGIF -- Thank God It's Freezing -- NOT!

Wisconsin is getting battered with massive snow. Here in Kankakee we were pelted with freezing rain. I offer you proof from my own front door.

When I first attempted to open my front door at 7:30 a.m., I realized the inch or so of ice had blocked me in. Thanks to Gary the Garden Gnome and his magic rock salt, I was successful in stepping out at 9:30 a.m. I'm actually a little sad because that was going to be my number one lame excuse for why I was unable to get to work.
The bottom photos were snapped from my icy prison. That explains the raindrops you see. Frozen on the glass, mind you.
When I was on the porch taking these photos in my pajamas, I heard branches falling in the distance. I nearly pooed myself when a top branch broke and fell from the willow tree that lumbers over the garage. Fortunately, it isn't a big branch and didn't hit the garage roof. My car is parked in there.
Brainstorm! My garage probably won't open due to the ice build up. I may get out of work yet!
*singing* ice, ice baby to go ... Vanilla Ice, ice baby ...


  1. Nifty photos, Riss.

    It's a Winter Wonderland out your way!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and the pictures are wonderful.....but sorry you are having to live in it.

  3. I love the pictures, but I soooooooooooooo don't miss the cold!

  4. Those frozen berries? are so pretty! I was in the similar boat - wanted to be snowed in this morning, but it hadn't start until after I got to work.
    Anyway, did you have to go to work?

  5. The trees are covered by ice in our Chicago neighborhood & the pines are covered by snow. And we have some fierce icicles hanging around the house & garage & from the electric wires. I had to knock some off with a broom just to get in the door. And once inside > CLAP-ON !! My beautiful, long-needled white flocked Christmas tree with green Italian lights makes me feel all warm & yulie. And it smells so fragrant too. The fireplace is cracklin' & I'm enjoying an Eggnog Alexander. O.M.G. I am sooo buzzed!

    I raise my glass to all of you:

    May all your Christmas dreams come true!

    Good Night now

  6. Gorgeous photos!!!!! At least we are treated with beauty along with the hassle the bad weather causes!

  7. It looks so beautiful! I am thrilled you posted photos, because it reminds me WHY I LOVE FLORIDA!!


    Tell me more about this magic garden gnome?


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