Friday, December 5, 2008

Psycho much?

Hypothetically, I am going to let off hypothetical steam about a hypothetical place of business where I hypothetically work.

In my little ranting storybook tale, it appears an associate felt she was unjustly treated, and rather than handling it like an adult, she opted to desperately try to make a mountain out of a mole hill. What I believe to be the original issue could have been nipped in the bud. Yet, this woman chose to let it go. Well, it would seem she did. That is until recently.

Now, in my little corner of the world I don't believe one bad turn deserves another. She's one who spouts off things like, "Karma will kick her ass." "That'll get you in the end." The problem in her thinking is that her vindictiveness is not going to reward you with karma down the road.

After much speculation and mild attacks of anxiety, our minds were put to rest today. No one was fired. Harsh words weren't even exchanged. In our theoretical dilemma we were merely given a run down on proper procedures and expectation going forward. Hooray! Sighs of relief could be heard 'round the world.

On with business as usual.

Last night I received four phone calls from the possessor of the big spoon. The pot-stirrer in my hypothetical story. I didn't answer. I had nothing to say; nor did I want to be subjected to her feigned sincerity. I knew, hypothetically, she would pry into a situation I was not at liberty to discuss. She's just plain nosey.

While at work, I received a call from said stirrer. She inquired about her schedule and then asked how the day went. I was pleasant and replied, "Nothing special. Just a typical visit." Her voice dropped and she seemed put off by my apparent lack of information. Clearly, she had hoped for juicier details about the theoretical situation.

I came home with pep in my step and joy that the worst case hypothetical scenario hadn't unfolded. My stomach wasn't twisted in knots from distress. All was back to normal ...

My phone rang. It was her. The girl with the spoon big enough to mix up a cauldron of witch's brew. I didn't pick up.

Minutes later the phone rang again. Ditto.

Several minutes later my cell phone rang. By this point I am angered and perplexed that she has my cell phone number.

Before the alert chime could tell me I missed a call on the cell, my home phone started ringing. Again.

Damn it!

About 280 seconds pass and I hear Lily Allen singing "oh yes, I'm fine/everything's just wonderful/having the time of my life." BULLF-NGSHIT!! My default ringtone is delightful, but what is on the other end is not. This time a message is left. I do not listen.

If this wasn't hypothetical, I could have a problem on my hands. I might ask how one would go about rectifying this situation.


  1. I hate pot stirrers and overly eager gossippy girls. I hope the situation improves soon for you.

  2. Unfortunately this is a situation that we are all in at one time or another. Good for you in the way that you handled it. I'm not sure I could have ignored the phone THAT many times. You handled it with grace and dignity.

  3. Oh, I can't tell you how much I hate pot-stirrer psycho girls! Want me to come "theoretically" kick her butt?

  4. On the other hand, without pot-stirrers, we'd all have to focus on work all the time :-)


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