Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Shindigery

My family is so vast that it's really difficult to pull us all together at one time. So, the holidays are usually comprised of a few. In our family, few is a relative term, mind you. With 10 kids (spouses or significant others), grandchildren (I lost count) a solid 20 means a few. Typically though, it's those of us who live within reasonable driving distance to Grandma's casa. The attendees aren't a guaranteed bunch, but food a'plenty and merriment is certain.

I was terribly concerned that the ice storm that hit us on December 18 would deter travelers. Negatory! The Illinois and Indiana dwellers made it safely to Plainfield on December 20. My (step) mom is the hostess with the mostest. It's always a relaxing, easy going time when we break bread there. Something very calming exists when I walk through her front door. I guess it's home.

We all exchanged gifts -- letting the little ones have their run first. My nephew G is a toddler and he was so excited for everybody who was opening a gift. He'd exclaim "what's it!" and let out this adorable squeal of delight. He was even very helpful in assisting us in tearing open our packages. I can't tell you how much I appreciated his rip and shred technique.

The most heartwarming event of the entire day was watching my 14 year old interact with the very active trio of boy cousins. They are sons to my brother Aaron. On the average, Mancub roots himself to a video game and shuts out the world. G wouldn't hear of that. In his spriteful manner, he encouraged my teen-ager to chase him, play hide-n-seek and ... allow him to wrestle and tackle him. This all took place with hearty giggles abounding.

By the time we decided the weather was about to become a foe, G, along with his brother A, and Mancub had bonded. Neither boy wanted their big ol' cuz to leave.

I don't care about what comes in a box with a bow. Sure, I appreciate the items, but it's this very precious time spent with loved ones that resonates the spirit of the season.

May your holiday be blessed.


  1. Rupe doesn't think there is anything more heartwarming or readable than this little family tale.

    Just spiffy, Riss. Just spiffy ......

    Have a Merry Christmas .....

    ........................ Rupe

  2. What a nice story! I don't have a big family and I seldom envy big family gatherings on holidays, but this post makes me wonder how nice it could be. Merry Christmas!

  3. This is exactly what the holiday's are all about, not the gifts under the tree but the gifts we don't have to unwrap. Excellent post Riss!

  4. "Negatory!" *snort* You crap me up :)


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