Sunday, January 20, 2008

Savannah smiles

There was a time when my outlook on dating; and the opportunity to do so didn't seem so far fetched. Situations on the home front permitted me weekend time. As it was, my ex-husband was available to put on his parental hat and take the Man-cub so I could go out; shake my groove thang, so to speak.

I was a regular visitor in a chat room on AOL. From time to time I'd make a connection with a potential date in that venue. There was one particular guy I'd been talking to for quite some time; both on the phone and online. We seemed to hit it off, but it wasn't fireworks. Truly, should that happen when you've not met face to face, I suggest pouring ice cold water on your manner of thinking. SNAP OUT OF IT! Don't get giddy until you've met and spent time together. Trust me on this, people.
This fella lived in Savannah, GA. Now, I had been living in Gainesville, GA and the road trip would take approximately 5 hours of driving a normal, legal speed limit. I'd never been to Savannah. I knew taking a trip alone was risky and incredibly stupid. I was on a natural high and determined to have a weekend of good times. I made arrangements for my ex-husband to care for little dude, I packed, gassed up the car and made tracks to southeast Georgia. What was about to happen was the furthest thing from my mind.

I'll refer to the guy I was heading to spend a weekend with PeeWee. Ironically, he was 6'6" with broad shoulders and a quiet demeanor. I called PeeWee to alert him that I had arrived. He wasn't home from work yet. I killed time by shopping at a department store nearby until I got the call that I could head over to his place. I was dressed simply; white, ribbed t-shirt, loose fitting jeans and white Ked's. He came to the door and seemed unimpressed. The lightning didn't strike immediately, but I wasn't expecting it to. He offered me a drink and we discussed plans for the night.

We kept it very simple by renting movies. "A Knight's Tale" and "The Ladies Man." I can't recall what we ate. We watched movies and chatted a little. I figured by bedtime he wasn't interested in me, but we'd make the most of the weekend since I was there. He offered his bed to me, but I chose the couch. I felt odd putting him out of his own bedroom.

I can already hear the jeers about me staying with a man I'd just met. Someone I'd met online, no less. I know that. I've learned from my past errors. Let's just move on with the story, shall we?
The next day he took me to Tybee Island for some sight seeing. The conversation was limited. He's a quiet sort and I'm a Chatty Cathy. It was nearing late lunchtime and I suggested we get some eats and drinks; my treat. He jumped at that and didn't argue over the check. We consumed Mexican food and high quality margaritas. Well, I did. I can't recall what he drank. I didn't care. I decided to get blitzed so the weekend would hurry up and get over. Truly, how does one spend a weekend with someone who isn't interested in you physically and seems incapable of conversing?

We returned to his place, discussed the events for the night. He inquired if it would be all right to call upon some friends to make the evening more enjoyable. I was so happy he suggested that. I was dying for conversation and laughter.

We made our way down to River Street in downtown Savannah. Everything is within walking distance. Bar crawling is easy to do. He took me to a couple of trendy spots, but he was most comfortable at his regular haunt. This was an Irish pub. It was homey and easy to settle into. Me ordering margaritas about put the bartender into a frenzy, but he made them for me anyway. He made them so well I remember not being able to feel half of my body.

By the time I was feeling quite inebriated, PeeWee's friends showed up. A couple of guys, a couple of girls were part of this regular fold of friends. One guy in particular caught my eye. I was mesmerized. I was bewildered. I was hooked. This man could tell a story with such verve and confidence. He held the whole room in the palm of his hand. His eyes were the most gorgeous shade of blue. Huge! Hypnotic! He was also 6'6", blond crew cut (trust me, it worked for him). A deep baritone voice. It might have been the afternoon of margaritas that was extending into the night, but for that moment in time I was captivated. All at once nothing else in the room existed. Like a Hitchcock movie trick, only Blue Eyes came into view.

Oh no! What was I going to do? I was there with someone else. PeeWee and I had no chemistry, but how could I make eyes at his BEST friend and not be pegged as a skank? I didn't have to worry about what I needed to do. Old Blue Eyes did the work for me. Yep, he was equally entranced by me and my drunken, margarita drinkin' self.
We started upon our bar crawl and made it to a dance club. We were having a great time. PeeWee had enough alcohol in him to seem uncaring that Blue Eyes and I were attached at the hip. Without Peewee's eyes upon us, Blue Eyes planted a mind-numbing kiss on me. Yes, it was one of those that caused the Earth to move, my teeth to shake and uhm, unmentionable other parts to react as well. What to do? What to do? We carried on as if nothing had happened when the people we knew were looking, but we stole moments on the dance floor. He ducked with me in the shadows.

The partying continued, but PeeWee had come to a breaking point and declared he was leaving. Please keep in mind that I rode with him. I had NO clear idea where I was and where to tell a cab to take me. I thought maybe he was playing a head game with me. I called his bluff. I was wrong. He left me. HE LEFT ME! I asked the one female friend who'd been making the bar crawl with us, "what am I going to do? How could he do that to me?" She assured me that he did leave and it wasn't unusual for him to just vanish. Great! Nice guy. What an ass. I turned to Blue Eyes and he quieted my concerns and assured me I'd be taken care of. We continued to drink and dance the night away. My cares were gone. I had my big, blue eyed prince to look after me.

Closing time... we headed out into the Savannah night. The air was brisk, but welcome to my intoxicated head. Then, it hit me. I was, once again, making a judgement that was so off base and ignorant. I had a child to raise. This man might be a killer! In my severely altered state, I felt confident I'd see my son again.

He helped me into his well maintained, white, Ford F-150. I leaned against the door and he helped me with my seatbelt when he got in the driver's side. I kept mumbling things like, "I can't believe he left me. He left me with someone I don't know....someone I'd been publicly making out with all night...what is wrong with me? I'm insane. Clearly, I have lost my mind. No one has ever left me like that. What kind of jerk is he?" Blue Eyes just chuckled and kept telling me all would be well. He insisted I just needed sleep and, in the morning, he'd take me back to PeeWee's safe and sound.

We arrived at Blue Eye's humble ranch home. He poured me out of the truck and on to his couch. I kicked off my shoes and he sat next to me on the couch after giving me a large glass of water. The rest will remain a behind closed doors, details withheld mystery. He was kind and gentlemanly the following morning/afternoon. I have no idea of the time frame, really. I was so far out of my element that nothing was making sense. I showered and requested the use of a toothbrush. He had a spare. Too bad he didn't have an extra package of self-esteem and pride laying around. His actions toward me gave me relief that he didn't view me as something I wasn't: A skanky-hoochie momma-ho'.

After watching "The Breakfast Club," on TV, we made tracks back to PeeWee. I stalled as long as I could. I didn't want to face him. We talked along the way and he held my hand. My long fingers were dwarfed by his enormous paws. I felt comfortable; yet, terribly unsure. There couldn't be anything romantic about what had taken place. That sort of thing just never happens.

I nervously walked the path to PeeWee's apartment. Blue Eyes was keeping pace with me. I feared finding my things strewn all over the walk way. Instead, we were greeted by a cheerful Peewee. My things were laid out on the couch. He said he wasn't sure when I'd be back or when I'd be leaving. He just wanted to make it easier for me to gather my things in case he wasn't there when Blue Eyes returned me. Ugh! This was very out of character for me. I was so hungover that I wanted to just crawl into a dark hole and die for a few hours. I adjourned to the bathroom to put on make up and fix my hair. I'd showered at Blue Eyes', but looking at myself in such a rough disposition was too hard to manage. Plus, I feared questioning looks from PeeWee. I had to find shelter and regain some composure.

I emerged from the bathroom and the three of us talked about anything and everything. Really, the two men talked and I collapsed on the couch hoping to get a second wind before driving back to Gainesville. I knew my time in Savannah was growing to a close. I needed to depart. Blue Eyes asked for my email address. I informed him that my email was also my instant messenger screen name. I didn't offer; nor did he ask for my phone number.

Both men walked me to my car and I hugged PeeWee. I thanked him for hosting me for the weekend. I turned to Blue Eyes who was leaning against my car. To hug, or not to hug? That was the question. I hugged. I wanted to cling for dear life, but that night of whimsy was all it could be. Distance creates impossible relationships. A foundation of margaritas, booty shakin' and uhm, other stuff is not stable. He hugged me back and tightly. As I pulled away I looked to see if he was getting in his truck. He didn't. He walked back in with PeeWee.
I kept telling myself it was all for the thrill of doing it. I had a singular girl's weekend out. I had a fabulous time and that was one for the history books. Nothing more; nothing less. Or so I thought...

More on this in future posts. What? I can't tell you the entire story now. I have to give you something to come back for. Sheesh!


  1. Holy crap! Something to come back for? Are you KIDDING? No need to dangle carrots, darlin'. Get writing.

  2. Never underestimate the power of a well-mixed margarita and blue eyes... great story. And it reminds me of a couple of my own... ;-)

  3. Awwww now I'm missing living in Savannah :( I don't think I ever got the beginning of the blue eyes story, so now I feel caught


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