Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Poe, but not of the Edgar Allen variety

The haunting strains of Poe cry out on iTunes. She's telling me she's in Control. I'm trying to drown out the fact that my sump-pump is running non-stop. The current warming trend has caused a major meltdown and, needless to say, the ground is quite saturated. If the plowed fields froze over right now, my little town would be a giant ice skating rink. In addition to the rapid rise in temperatures, it has rained considerably. Who ever thought I'd be singing rain, rain go away. come again another day on a January day in the Mid-west? Perhaps it's all part of an Inconvenient Truth after all.
Poe now informs me she's Not a Virgin anymore. I've recently reacquainted myself with her music. When I bought my new iPod on amazon.com I was awarded free MP3 downloads. I love free stuff. Sure, I had to toss out the funds to get it, but woohoo! If you're unfamiliar with her music, I will gladly supply you with a sampling: Hey Pretty (original non-spoken version), and Not a Virgin. If you are inclined to download some of her tunage, I highly recommend adding Hey Pretty (Drive-by 2001 mix). Her brother, Mark Z. Danielewski author of House of Leaves, reads an excerpt from the book. It's quite tantalizing and an interesting format. That particular version received more radio play than the original. Hearing merely a snippet of that song actually piqued my curiosity for this artist.
Apparent to those who know me, my love of music is undeniable. I still consider myself a novice in comparison to many. At work I am a musical genius. On the grander scale of life, I am a starving student. I hunger for the undiscovered artists who are truly the shining stars in music. Their labors of love might not be cranking out on the radio waves, but thanks to youtube, myspace, itunes, and voracious fans, they are making reverberating tones of love to our ears.
I'm taking suggestions. My ears are hungrily awaiting.


  1. Hey there...found my way here courtesy of Stuck in the 80s blog and just wanted to say that you crack me up! And, there's been some crazy rain up here in Green Bay these last two days. Not really related to your blog post, but wanted to say hey.

  2. Just picked up some Poe on Half.com. Thanks for the terrific recommendation!


  3. Hey you -- great post! I'm off to listen to some Poe on iTunes right now.


  4. I'm so delighted that you ladies enjoy the sound of Poe enough to buy her tunage. She's pretty darn clever, if you ask me.
    I also thank you for reading and commenting on my wee blog. This is certainly addictive.

  5. I like the song "tiny meat". Good stuff. Seriously. Check it out


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