Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's that time again!

I suppose that title could lead anyone to believe it's that time of the month or it's tax time. However, that time, I refer to is AMERICAN IDOL ON FOX! Sorry for the caps. I'm just a little excited. I've been on a slow burn withdrawl since Jordin Sparks was crowned as the season 6 winner. I'll have you know I rooted from her from the second she sang, I who have nothing. I totally love the gem of a song made popular by Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones. I was backing Melinda Doolittle until that moment. I was tiring of her act of humility. She kicked vocal quality ass! The girl simply needed to give herself props. Maybe do a neck boppin' mmmhmm, you know it sugah! I AM that good with two snaps in the air for good measure. But alas, that year is over and I'm hearing Jordin's first release Tattoo being played. I'm happy she's getting airplay. Remember season 5 winner and runner-up, Taylor Hicks and Kat McPhee? Both have been reportedly dropped by their record companies due to low volume sales. Chris Daughtry, 4th place, seems to be secure with his foothold on record sales, Grammy nods, People's Choice nods, etc, etc, etc....

What ever will Simon, Alvin and Theodore bring us this season? I mean, Simon, Paula and Randy. I suggested on Sean Daly's Pop Life blog that Simon not self-molest himself in front of the season 7 hopefuls and all of the world! Ack! Massaging one's man-boobs is simply not tolerated. EVER!

Randy needs to have a Journey reference limit set to 3 times throughout the entire series. He has, no doubt, already exceeded that number in the audition phase. Wasn't his stint with Journey limited to studio work? I'm not an aficianado, but I'm sure I never saw him in the videos. Perhaps he was sporting a house-cut and about 300 lbs thinner.

Paula. Dear Paula. Hey! Paula! Repeat after me:




That's right. Now, put it all together. Just watch the teleprompter, dear. You'll be fine. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Or, in your case, a lifetime membership at Club Loo-loo.

For those of you who need to decompress after watching Idol, might I suggest going to Sean's blog and hanging out to give your thoughts on the evening's show... the worst thing that could happen is you'll stay up too late, miss your alarm the next morning and be late for work. Or, forget to wake up the kids for school.


  1. It's like crack, this show. Fall is for football; spring is for American Idol.

    And I was giddy with anticipation last night when I heard the AI theme... let the games begin!

  2. Actually, Randy toured with Journey on their Raised On Radio jaunt. He's in the live video clip for I'll Be Alright Without You which should be on You Tube.

    Randy must be a huge Steve Perry guy because he's mentioned him by name on quite a few occasions when contestants do Journey tunes.

    What a fun couple of opening shows...although I hurt with laughter at the security guard who looked like a boxer trying to sing with his protective mouthpiece still in place....and that poor guy with nerves who just couldn't stop pacing...Classic stuff.


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