Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paging Dr. Noah Drake

So, I admit that I'm in love with Rick Springfield. I'm not a rabid, psycho fan, but he's dreamy to infinity. With this post, I also have to admit that I receive the Oprah Newsletter in my e-mail. I don't care what you think. You can laugh and jeer. I'm sharing what information was nestled in that newsletter. A link, my dear friends. A link to the possibility (slim and none) of meeting and greeting and possibly sniffing up on RICK SPRINGFIELD! There you have it. It's there. The link. Go on and click on it. Submit your fantasies about Dr. Noah. Tell Oprah-girlfriend how much it would mean for you to be in the presence of the hotness that is RICK SPRINGFIELD!!!
Mmmmm ... bask in his beauty, ladies. There he is. I might need a moment to gather my composure.
Let me just add that if you are selected to the appear on Oprah with the god-like image that is RS, you have to invite me. I'm not far from Chicago. I'll drive! I'll keep my panties on. I swear I won't embarrass you. I might hyperventilate, but I give a pinky swear that I'll behave ... until he is introduced. Then, ALL bets are off sisters.
You may or may not know how much I love the 80s. You'll soon figure it out, though. Here's a link for the Stuck in the 80s podcast on Rick Springfield. Go on and give it a listen. I dare you not to get addicted. Oh, and what the heck. I'll throw in a bonus podcast with a RS interview. It's a SIT80s roadtrip! I'm all about the links today. 80s guru Steve Spears blogs about everything 80s. It's not just about the podcast, my compadres.


  1. Deal. If I win, you're coming with.

    But don't be surprised when I ask him *WHAT* exactly he was thinking with "Hard to Hold."


  2. Yum. I have been within a foot of the hotness that is Rick Springfield, but I have not actually touched Rick. I've seen him in concert 3 or 4 times, and I'm always trying for a little pinch but I've not succeeded. In fact, I was at the show where the podcast was recorded, several rows in front of Steve and Sean. Fortunately, Rick seems fond of the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas so I hope to see him again soon. (And yes, I will so take you as my guest when Oprah picks me to gaze at Rick.)

  3. I *LOVE* that you called him Noah Drake...

    Oh how I would watch Ginger bat her eyelashes and Noah and wish to be her... that man is seriously like some fine wine...


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