Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lydia's Homework assignment

Friend Lydia has issued a homework assignment. I'm always up for a challenge or dare (within reason). So, here's how it is to be played out: Go to your iTunes and shuffle your playlist. With the first five songs write something about it--a memory, why you like the song, does it remind you of someone? Was it a freebie download and you're cheap so you take anything that's free? You get the idea. Now, here we go......
::shuffling the playlist:::

1. Afterglow - INXS (With J.D. Fortune): I watched the entire reality show Rock Star: INXS and picked J.D. out of the bunch early on. However, I fell in love with Jordis Unga's rendition of Man who Sold the World. Brilliant! I have that downloaded, too. It's not in the first 5 songs to play, though. I wonder whatever became of Ms. Unga. I thought Marty Casey was super, but not right for INXS. He's still with his band Lovehammers. I highly recommend Trees. On the show, he did a wicked cool cover of Britney's "Baby One more Time."

2. I Think I Love You - David Cassidy: Yes, THAT David Cassidy. Oh how I loved to watch The Partridge Family. I was a tad young to have a crush on David, but I still adored the program. Now, Danny Bonaduce is all grown up and really quite creepy. I will have you know that I know the therapist who was on Breaking Bonaduce. In fact, we had lunch with a mutual friend and that friend's momma around Thanksgiving. Yep, my brush with fame, darlings.

3. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney: My son sings this song with the most endearing sweetness and sincerity. Hearing him croon away with the headset on simply melts my heart.

4. Freedom 90 - George Michael: The video to this song is absolutely unforgettable. George refused to appear in it for some reason. I believe it was some kind of contract dispute. So, he had several of the most gloriously beautiful women of the day lip synching. I thought it was truly a work of art. LOVE the song. He was at his prime with this one.

5. Lips Like Sugar - Echo and the Bunnymen: I truly adore this song. This time a memory is attached. I was dating this guy named Don. He was the first boyfriend I had after my divorce. In fact, he and I had our first date on the day my divorced papers arrived in the mail. He appreciated that I wasn't afraid to order real food. After two weeks he declared that he loved me. I got a little freaked. I responded in a shocked fashion and let him know that I couldn't return such a strong emotion at that time, but I appreciated his openness.
He and I shared such an affection for the 80s. This song came on while we were sitting in the car after having met for lunch one day. We were making out and he kissed/sang to me. It wasn't long after that we broke up. He felt I wasn't ready to date seriously. So, we parted ways.
I ran into him a couple years later at a diner. He gave me his number. I called and it took him days to return the call. He informed me he didn't know what possessed him to give me his number as he was engaged to be married that retrospect, he said I was fate's ultimate test to his fidelity. And he rejoiced that he passed. WHATEVER!! I know that never would have happened if Lips Like Sugar had played. hahaha I hope he's delightfully happy.


  1. This is a cool idea, I might have do it on my blog too. Here are my 5 shuffle songs

    Romeo Has Juliette Lou Reed
    I had a big messy crush on Lou Reed in the late 80's. This album is one of my favorites- gritty, dark and real. In fact, I was listening to this CD really loud on the way home from work today.

    Don't Cry Guns and Roses
    This song makes me think of parties every Saturday night at my friend Shalene's apartment in the late 80's. She was the first in my circle to get married, and I went to her house nearly every Saturday to party with her and her (now ex) husband and watch Headbangers Ball on MTV.

    Sweet Baby James James Taylor
    I adore James Taylor. My husband's friend Jamie played this song at his wedding for his dance with his mother. When I heard that she had died a few years later this song was the first thing that I thought of.

    The Ballad of Billy the Kid Billy Joel
    This song reminds me of all the times that my friend from high school, Dianne, and I camped out for Billy Joel tickets in '86 and '87, and how we chased a random limo that very well COULD have contained Billy Joel after a Tampa show in 1987.

    Big Rock Candy Mountain O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack

    This song reminds me of a 3,000 mile road trip a few years ago with my husband, son and three dachshunds, all crammed into a Saturn. We played this song over and over along the way.


  2. Sherrie, thank you so much for joining my little blog-tastic family. It delights me to know you're reading 'me'.
    I get a kick out of knowing how music affects others. Thanks

  3. I just posted the same "homework assignment" on my blog, I did a new shuffle and actually came up with one of the same songs- odd, there are over 800 songs on there and one popped up on two consecutive shuffles! If you'd like to check it out, it's at:

  4. Great idea! Once I get my real-life act together (*crosses fingers*), I'm so gonna do this.

    However, I just took a look at my iTunes music list. I have 6600 songs. Which both appalls me and impresses me at the same time. This will be interesting.


  5. Oh wow, J, I envy your gluttonous playlist lol I thought I had a lot with my 2000. I can't stop buying tunes, though. The S & S blogs just keep me going back to iTunes.
    I look forward to your 'homework assignment'. I'm sure it will be interesting (and sends me to iTunes for more music).

  6. I got you all beat, I have over 10,100 songs on my i pod (not that I'm bragging or anything). This group of songs surprised me.

    Dragon Attack -Queen

    My older brother, who I shared a room with, was a big Queen fan. He went out and bought the LP of 'The Game' the day it came out. He was six years older than me, so he had been to see Queen in concert a few times already. I was only 12 or 13 at the time. I remember my brother playing this album in our room, and describing to me his last experience at a Queen concert. Unfortunately I never got the chance to see Queen live because they stopped touring the USA before I was old enough to go to shows.

    Rock 'n' Roll Ghost - The Replacements

    I became a fan of the Replacements in 1985. In 1989 I worked as a night shift custodian at a local junior college. My job was to sweep and scrub the floors in one of the main buildings. It was a job where I was allowed to listen to a walkman while I worked. I remember pushing a broom down a long empty corridor, and having this song playing in my headphones

    Dear Prudence - The Beatles

    I have an uncle who was a big time hippie. He loved the Beatles, especially John Lennon. He turned my brothers and I on to the band. The first time he played us the 'White Album' this song stuck out to me because of the great bass line. It probably lead to me becoming a bass player.

    Misunderstanding - Genesis

    This song reminds me of the first time I saw Genesis in concert in 1982. The ticket cost $10.00, and I bought a cool concert jersey that was a montage of Genesis album covers. The show was at Poplar Creek Music Theatre, in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Sadly, the venue no longer exists.

    Dressing The Wound - Peter Gabriel

    This song is from the movie soundtrack to a film called 'Birdy'. It starred Matthew Modine and Nicholas Cage. I bought the soundtrack (on cassette) before I ever saw the movie because I was a huge Peter Gabriel fan. I had just seen Peter Gabriel in concert, so I remember being really jazzed that he had a new album out.

  7. Here are my really interesting results:

    Add It Up -- Violent Femmes

    I love the Femmes. This tune reminds of me late night dancing at an after-hours bottle club called The Vatican in Gainesville, circa 1985. Smoky, kinda dangerous and more than a little aluring.

    Oh mo ma ma ma ma mo ma mother
    I would love to love you lover.
    The city's restless, its ready to pounce.
    When I'm in your bedroom ounce for ounce.

    Happy Together -- The Turtles

    One of the first 45s I ever owned -- bought it at a Junior League thrift shop with my allowance money when I was maybe six or seven. Played it endlessly on my little phonograph. Hearing it always makes me happy.

    Meu Esquema -- Mundo Livre S/A (from Putumayo Presents: Brazilian Lounge)

    Little known fact about me -- I LOVE bossa nova and Brazilian rhythms. Find them uber-cool, completely sensual and totally sexy. I want to visit Brazil so badly I can taste it. I am a huge fan of the Putumayo label, which issues great world music compliation albums, and Brazilian Lounge is a go-to one in the summer when breezes are thickly balmy and caiprihenas are cool refreshment.

    Under The Milky Way -- Grant Lee Phillips (from his album Nineteeneighties)

    From a most excellent album of stripped down, atmospheric, mostly acoustic covers of classic ‘80s new wave songs. I dig the simplicity of the arrangements and the languid vocals -- great background music.

    Hash Pipe -- Weezer

    I dig me some Weezer. This is great song to blast in the car when driving -- that beat lends itself to motoring along. And I feel slighly naughty singing along with the lyrics -- brings out my inner bad girl

  8. Jane! I'm so excited about your results. I dated a Brazilian named Julio. That's the closest I've been. LOVE and look forward to finding a couple of your selections on iTunes.
    Those Brazilian bossa nova tunes would bring me great warmth in this Midwestern winter than never ends.

  9. If you're gonna go bossa nova, let me make a couple of suggestions of 'must check out' items:

    Getz/Gilberto -- Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz

    The definitive bossa nova album. Released in the early '60s (1963, I think) it still holds up today. In my top five fave albums of all time.

    Any Bebel Gilberto -- she's a modern bossa nova gal, fusing a bit of electronica into the hypnotic rhythm. Recommended: her take on my all-time favorite song ever: "Night and Day", which can be found on her latest release, Momento. Mr Daly is also a big fan, FYI.

    Hope you like ;-)

  10. I remember the discussion on Bebel Gilberto. If i'm not mistaken, she's Sean's Latina crush (he has so many it's hard to track).
    I'll be paying iTunes a visit shortly. Thanks or should I say muy bueno! --or however it's spelled.

  11. if it wasn't so late, I'd write more...
    here are my 5 songs"

    Heptaparaparshinokh (Live) by The League Of Gentlemen. Robert Fripp's band between incarnations of King Crimson. They put out a really weird high energy dance vibe, unlike anything you have probably ever heard. It reminds me of the time in the the mid 80's when I started listening to things other than what Casey Kasem played. I really branched out!

    Army Girls Gone Wild by Jihad Jerry And The Evildoers
    Jerry Casale's solo project while waiting for a new Devo album to come out, took me by surprise. This is easily one of the best tracks, too. Plus the video is funny. A direct condemnation of what happened at Abu Gahrib. Anytime you can laugh at Bush is a good thing in my opinion!

    The Dogs of Lust by The The reminds me of living in Buffalo and listening to my favorite radio station of all time, CFNY 102.1FM out of Toronto. they played pretty much all new rock and alternative. This song was unique in that it was accenteed by some fairly killer harmonica.

    Heart's Filthy Lesson by David Bowie. From his greatly underappreciated album with producer Brian Eno in 1995. this totally reminds me of my job in the projection booth at the movie theater. It played over the closing credits of the movie Seven, so whenever that part of the movie hit, I would crank up the monitor on the projector so I could listen to it as I worked cleaning and threading other projectors.

    Sequence Erase by the Aquabats. I just discovered this band recently. and by recently, I mean within the last 10 years! just imagine Devo playing Ska while hopped up on Goofball and you get the picture. This one recalls a theme song to an action/adventure show. I don't have a specific memory for this song other than it always cures what ails me. I never fail to tap my toes and hum along.

    I even used the "party shuffle" for this one.

    some obscure stuff on here, but that is the fun of iTunes and shuffling things up! especially if you have a huge library like myself, or the sounds of it, others here...


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