Sunday, October 5, 2008

Silent Sunday

Watch the video below. Do not adjust your volume. There isn't any sound. There's really no need for it. I discovered this gem on youtube while searching for the silent film Nosferatu. I'm so delighted at my black and white discovery.

What does this little movie tell us about life? It reveals that no matter how intimate the occasion; it's all about wearing the right pair of shoes.


  1. So .....

    In order to try and get this in even the most minimal sense, Rupe channel'd his "inner estrogen" in preparation.

    In complete and total surprise - and even in amazement - Rupe got this.

    Rupe expects praise for doing so.

  2. what vid? nothing is showing up

  3. Hmmm I don't know what problem you're having, Godfather. It's playing right now as I type this.

  4. Oh, and Rupe, consider yourself praised. Highly.

  5. Right pair of shoes?

    I thought it was about, "How high is she going to go with that stocking before I have to see if one of my kids is watching over my shoulder?" ;-)

    A side note: I guess the last time she wore those F-me shoes she was practicing her bongos. LOL

  6. Miss, I recommend the following quirky funmaster jam:

    Oh, and if you're not Marissa, watch it anyway. It's not like I own YouTube, natch.


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