Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm so happy it's Friday. It's unusual for me to be thrilled. Screaming TGIF doesn't have a normal spot in my vocabulary because, in my line of work, a weekend just doesn't take on the same meaning it does for those of you who work Monday through Friday. Chances are I'm not sleeping in on a Saturday. I'm waking up, slurping down java in haste and rushing out the door only to find myself sitting on the bench outside the store because the management thinks its exempt from being on time. *shew*
This Friday is different! Due to my involvement in Kankakee Valley Theatre Associations production of STATE FAIR, I am off all weekend. Sure, I'll have my hair in curlers for hours prior to curtain time. I'll wear 3 times the average amount of make-up and a color totally unlike my natural skin tone. Aqua Net is dragged out of the 80's and sprayed feverishly. I'll be dancing in shoes that are clearly a modern day version of Medieval torture. However, none of that takes the excitement away from being off all weekend: A bad night in the theatre is better than a great day at work.
What makes today even more exciting is this evening the cast will assemble for celebration. CAST & CREW PARTY! Since the show's setting is at a fair, we're dining fine on fair food. YUM! Corn dogs, popcorn, LEMON SHAKE-UPS!! I'm sure there will be other items to chow on, but I love deep fried anything you can eat on a stick.
The food is the only reason I risk life and limb going to a fair or carnival. I'm skittish about climbing on a ride that was assembled by Goober and his brother/cousin Bodoofus in the dark of the night moments after they rolled into town after having a good ol' belly up to the bar time at the twist and shout. I suppose I should be hesitant to eat the food prepared, as well, but I think eColi and salmonella are destroyed after being tossed into a vat of oil bubbling at 560 degrees Fahrenheit, right?
I'm sure our cast food will be carefully handled and we'll all be healthy and raring to go Saturday at 7:00 p.m. central time and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Don't wish me luck! BREAK A LEG!!


  1. Mmmm....fair food....I'm drooling already!

  2. Good Gordness.

    One simple piece of advice: Stay away from the Pork Chop On A Stick. It'll stick with you for a while - not a pleasant thing.

    Rupe had one at a truck show in Louisville, KY. It's still stickin' with me.

    And I had it four years ago .....


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