Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Hirsute Glory -- as promised

One of my new readers, CAT, reminded me in a previous post comment that I promised photographic proof of my theatrical hirsute glory. I donned the facial hair in STATE FAIR recently with Kankakee Valley Theatre Association. I was grateful to only have worn the thing for one scene. I will say, without a doubt, that I brought plenty of attention to myself. I loved the laughter and the reactions cast mates gave me each performance.

On the final performance, prior to making my appearance, I stuck a pickle on a fork and then placed it between my boobs for later retrieval on stage. The smell of the dill was rising upward. I hoped no one would detect it.

Near the end of this particular scene there are two male characters conversing. One, Charlie, says to Pat (the notorious ladies man newspaper reporter) "you must know every dame on the midway!" To that Pat replies, "Only the (long pause as I approach) refined ones." I made my presence known. I interrupted his line by sauntering up, playfully flipping my beard making questionable come hither advances. I truly stunned him when I pulled the pickle up from the mass of beard and started eating it ... hair entwined and all. It was much like the drunken Santa/smoked salmon scene from "Trading Places" with Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy.

Good times. Good times, indeed.


  1. My advice, triple blade razors and don't miss a day!!

    What fun!!

    Oh... and hormones, don't leave home without 'em!!

  2. I love the beard, but admit to being afraid of the pickle;)
    It sounds like you had such a good time. I still want to see some video Missy!


    Now that's some WILDHAIR indeed! The pickle in the boobs scene sounded too funny!

    I HEART Musical Theater!

    You should send that "Head Shot" to Sean for Halloween. I think he'll dig it!


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