Friday, October 24, 2008

Freaky Friday!

Here it is. Yet another Friday that has me feeling undeniably cheeky. I'm all sassified!! I can't quite explain it. The last time I declared this I was giddy over getting to consume mass quantities of fair food. By the way, last Friday I over indulged on cotton candy, corn dogs and soft pretzels. That carbohydrate inhalation left me comatose. I woke up feeling as if I'd been doing tequila shots all night long. OY!
So, here I am off work. It's a cloudy, rainy, yucky day; yet, I'm impervious to the doldrums usually brought on by weather that's less than favorable.
When I say I'm feeling cheeky, I don't mean this:

It's this weird feeling I don't often wake up experiencing. I feel positive. How can that be? Am I not supposed to be feeling the stresses of financial sparsity? Shouldn't I be grumpy because my fling was flung -- presumably since there's been no communication?
Nope. I am delightfully content.


  1. Rupe's delighted MissRiss's delighted ...

  2. I'll have some of what you are having!! Yes, a double helping of sassy please!!

  3. I agree.. I'll have what you're having. I need to find some cheeky for myself!

  4. Hi Riss,
    I just found your blog. You are SO prolific! I'm feeling fine today too! I'm painting Italian murals in private homes in Tampa, and then I have one to do in a fancy-schmancy bridal saloon in downtown St. Pete before returning home to Chicago.

  5. Yea! I'm so glad you found it, CAT. Thank you. Painting murals? Holy Michael Angelo, Batman. Color me impressed.


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