Thursday, October 30, 2008

She bangs

Not since the tail end of the Clinton Administration have I been banged. I realize that's a long time. Fear of having it done improperly has kept me from taking the leap again. The last time it happened I was in the capable hands of my sister-in-law. She and my brother live in Taiwan. So, having it done again and regularly wasn't feasible.

With that being the case, I just let things go. Oh, I'd get a little trim here and there, but never did I allow someone else to bang me. That is until recently.

On Tuesday I tossed my concerns to the wayside and let someone have a crack at me. A complete stranger! "Do what you want! I have nothing to lose and I'm tired of the same thing day in and day out," I declared to the petite and vivacious young woman behind the counter.

"Are you sure?" she asked as she ran her fingers through my long, tangled head of hair.

"Yep! I'm putting my tresses in your hands. If I hate it, it'll grow back and I won't hold it against you."

I'm friends with the manager of the Great Clips in Bradley where the banging took place. I know a lot of people say you get what you pay for, but in my experience, price isn't everything. I've spent a small fortune on hair cuts and coloring and ended up going home having to touch up missed sections of hair. Or worse, ended up having to spend more time trying to style it so it didn't look like a hot mess.

The young woman interacted professionally and never got so lost in conversation that she lost track of what she was doing to my head. As each tendril of hair slid down the smock and onto the floor I felt lighter. She made note of where my hair naturally parted before snipping away at the front. I wanted bangs and she gave them to me.

My only disappointment was that I didn't get her name. What the heck!? I blame my excitement over having sexy, swoopy bangs for the first time in nearly a decade. I'm determined to go back to her when I need my locks cleaned up.

So, my darling friends, here is the result of what $12.00 (including tip) can get you.

*no bangs*


  1. You look FAB! I love the bangs. I think I may go out for a bang myself soon!

  2. I have trouble speaking around beautiful women so all I can say is...
    Abuuh um uh ubububa um, waaa, heeee, buh ummmmm

  3. Woot!!
    That is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled MissRiss awesomeness. :D

    By the way, you get a whole lot more out of your $12 than I do for a haircut. The last haircut I had took a total of 7 minutes.
    *buzz buz buzz* Done.

  4. I am gobsmacked! Most lovely and I am lusting your glasses! I am not calling you Sally from here on out!

  5. Hi Riss,

    Happy Pumpkins! The other Cat is checking in. I look at Sean & Steve, & now I look here too. I feel so nosey.

    The new bangs are `HOT`! but you also look great without them. Now I want to see >The Bearded Lady look that you wrote about.

  6. You look so pretty! You were lovely before, but the bangs frame your face beautifully. I love them!


  7. I love the bangs! You look beautiful;) I love my hairdresser,b but not sure I'd trust her enough to bang me... LOL

  8. YOU ARE SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! Your hair looks healthy and lovely...and so does your face!


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