Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

This blog was in dire need of some levity. Discuss. Talk amongst yourselves. This discovery is from
What provoked me to image Google apple bottoms? The fact that I was told by a completely hetero female yesterday that I had a great @ss. Whoa! Whodathunkit? I knew I had a some junk in the trunk; bodunkadunk action, I never considered it to be great.
So, while I take a big ol' bite out of that slice of flattery, you enjoy the photo.


  1. GREAT picture! Isn't flattery sometimes the best antidote for anything?

  2. Hey, butt humor! I can only ass-ume how you got here.

    *consider the pun punk card thrown*

  3. I look at my arse and just see flubbadub. However, who am I do judge?
    Apples are nice.


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