Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not a dry ice in the house...

... actually, there was dry ice in the house. Complements of NutriSystem.

It's not often that I end up in an elite or select few who is chosen to participate in something fantabulous. Granted, I would have much rather won tickets to see George Michael in concert. Or, handed a gazillian free flyer miles so I could join my Stuck in the 80s pals in Vegas. That being said, I am not complaining that I'm part of the 1,000 folks who'll be taste testing a new entree format for the diet gurus of NutriSystem. Cool, huh? Fourteen freebie frozen food entrees. Fabulous! At least I hope they are fabulous. I have to hope my keen taste buds are up to the challenge. The future of dieting is at the mercy of my tongue! Perhaps not that dramatic, but ain't it cool?

I was informed that I'd receive an email telling me when my food would be shipped. Since it was frozen and packed in dry ice (hence why we had dry ice in the house), I would need to be home to get it out of the packaging and into my freezer. I gave my mailing address along with my physical address. I was under the impression that the USPS would do the honors of delivering. I thought wrong.

I was on my lunch break when I heard, "Marissa! Phone call!" I assumed it was the Man-cub. It was not. A woman whom I've known for many years was on the other line. Ironically, I often receive her mail in my PO BOX. Apparently she possessed the box number before me. Well, FedEx had delivered my NutriSystem to her home. How that happened I don't know as I had given NS my actually house address. No harm done, she only lived a mile or so away and graciously dropped it off. Man-cub was home to receive my delectable treats (wishful thinking?).

He is a good kid and read the warnings on the box prior to opening. He called me to get further instruction on what I needed him to do with it. He put on his winter gloves to take precaution in not burning his hands on the dry ice. The ice was contained in plastic bags which he placed in the sink. Oh, the glory of the fog effect that stuff has. On the warnings it was indicated that inhalation was not wise. He opened the kitchen window. To his amazement the 'fog' curled down over the sink and slooped toward the floor. The cats were in awe of this phenomenon. Naturally, Man-cub feared feline asphyxiation and shooed them out of the kitchen.

He nestled the food items in the freezer, covered the dry ice bags with a colander -- another precaution to keep the cats away from it.

I wasn't due to come home until after 9 p.m. I told him we'd experiment with the dry ice when I arrived. Oooh, it was 7th grade science class all over again. Word to the wise: wear gloves or you'll stupidly get burned on the middle finger that already has been exposed to frost bite. Duh! I'm glad my son is wiser than I.
Here are photos of our fun.


  1. Dry ice IS cool, ain't it. Puts out a fire quick too.

  2. A good time was had by all. I wish I could have captured the cat's reaction to the 'fog' curling down over the counter. Fascination doesn't even cover it.


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