Sunday, June 29, 2008

All You Need is Love

That's quite a lofty concept. If only it were true. Love is not blind, either. Love in its purest form works. Much like communism in it's purest (totally unattainable) form would have been ideal. But you see where pursuit of that particular brand of nirvana went.
Here's a question for all the single, married or otherwise involved/uninvolved people out there: If you were pursuing someone who you knew to be forthright, compassionate, trustworthy, honest, hard working, humorous, intelligent -- all the qualities that make up a genuine human being -- Would that be adequate to sustain the relationship? Would their company, intellectual stimulation be enough? Would that satisfy your deepest needs. Or, would the relationship be doomed; lack viability if sex wasn't an integral part of the union?
Think about it a few minutes. Enjoy the music while you ponder this weighty topic:

Jeopardy Theme - Jeopardy
Time is up. What is your first instinct answer? Here's what I'm thinking. Have we devolved so much from the pursuit of intrinsic happiness that we're no different from mating animals (with the medical advancement of prevention of conception; therefore, making sex about more than procreation of the species)? Have we lost touch with the intimacy of a relationship that we're no longer able to separate said intimacy from intercourse? Love, honour, cherish and hump like animals during mating season?
At what point, if any, do we look across the table at the person we swore complete and utter devotion to and say, "All that stuff I said about loving you being enough? Well, I retract that. I need to get my groove on. And you can't do it. So, I'm out!"
If dating and the pursuit of personal happiness is like that, then color me an asexual-amorphous glob.


  1. "Here's a question for all the single, married or otherwise involved/uninvolved people out there"

    I wish you hadn't limited this to sush an exclusive subset of individuals...

    But for me personally, under the right circumstances, I could see the answer to that question being yes, those quantities could sustain a viable relationship by themselves. For those who say no, I totally respect that...right up until the point that they don't admit it up front. To not do so is lying.

  2. Clark! Thank you for your honest input.

    I had considered including quadrapeds, too.


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