Monday, June 16, 2008

"I'm a Bimbo Girl!"

No, I'm not a bimbo. At least not by the current standards of bimbo. I'm a flirt. I do believe there is an enormous gap between being a bimbo and a flirt. If there's not; there should be.

I was doing my daily ritual of Googling something. Anything. Tonight's choice was legs. However, I typo ed and typed in lets. And what did I spy with my little eye? The image you see to the right.
Disturbing. Very. Apparently there is a legitimate (loosely used phrase) that encourages girls to explore their inner bimbo. Thanks Paris, LiLo, Kim, Britney, Cast of The Hills. You've successfully made it socially acceptable to be a hoo-er. Skanky. Ridiculous. And someone is profiting from the ignorance and stupidity. ABC News online reports that the primary users of this website are primarily teenagers, but as young as age 8. The report from March, 2008 states there are over 200,000 users. Excuse me while I go toss my dinner. No, I'm not practicing a trendy Hollywood Celebritant diet. I'm legitimately sick to my stomach.
For countless decades women have been fighting to be taken seriously. What happened? I doubt this is what Susan B. Anthony had in mind, ladies. This sort of behavior is not empowerment. It's selling yourself to the highest bidder. Two steps forward, three steps back. Even if you're wearing Jimmy Choo's that just ain't cool!


  1. Well put.

    And just when I didn't think I could be surprised by the insanity of society, something like this comes along.

    I'm simply shaking my head.

  2. hey, you're funny in your writings! I loved the pearl necklace story.

    wanted to say I agree with you about seeing Cyndi and George and needing a bigger allowance. Sigh... I missed Cyndi the past night in Ft Lauderdale, I just don't have the cash, but I am going with my best buddy to see George in Aug. because my brother paid for most of the tickets (I barely get by, so this was a big deal for me even to pay $50 of it!)

    You take care and I hope you got to see Cyndi, or will see George soon.

  3. Thanks anony! I hope you keep visiting my blog and commenting. I love comments!

    I didn't get to see the True Colors tour; nor will I get to see George. So sad about that one the most. It's just too costly. I checked into tix and they were $250. for the Chicago show. Those that were left, anyway. I don't have rich friends or relatives who'd gift them to me. I guess I'll settle for his CDs and drink enough to imagine him in my living room ala Eli Stone.

  4. Here's the thing: in the name of freedom and so-called equality, many women are being taken for a ride.

    Why not this ridiculous affront called Miss Bimbo? Those ain't boys on Girls Gone Wild videos that have made a putride excuse for a human being a gazillionaire. They are somebody's daughter who's likely been taught via their university's Women's Studies curriculum that they can act anyway they want without repercussion, heck, walk down the street naked if they want. And nobody should say a word to them.

    My all time favorite in this vein was when a stripper who started having sex for money was on Ricki Lake or one of those high quality talk shows. She refused to define herself as a whore, though the shoe fit. "Whore" was such a negative word. But that was about 10 years ago.

    So, now being a "bimbo" is a good thing?

    What's next? Don Imus should never have lost his job back because he was actually complimenting those basketball players???


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