Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pick a little, talk a little

This looks nothing like my dental
experience...the chair is all wrong
Today was our sixth month cleaning at the dentist. The folks there always treat us as if they see us weekly. I don't know if they keep dossiers on their patients or they are just that good. Granted, we have been going to this particular dentist for quite a few years. Still, considering we only see him every six months or so, he remembers conversations we've had.

That brings me to today's chat with the dentist. After the hygienist picked, flicked, flossed and polished my choppers, dentist extraordinaire came in asking if I was still doing the Beachbody thing. After referring to my pudginess with an uncomfortable chuckle, I told him no.

See, we'd babbled between drilling and filling (and other dental things that might sound sexual), we discussed what was once my weight loss success. I guess when a person is stretched back in a chair with a light shining in their face, weight loss is noticeable... once, during a crown fitting he remarked how much I look like Brooke Shields. That, of course, was pre-natural highlights aka going gray.

A couple of years ago he told me how he was doing P90X and even as a former Navy officer he struggled to get through some of the workouts. I couldn't either, I lamented, and forget that crazy YogaX. Yoga can be hazardous if you don't know what the hell you're doing or do not have assistance.

Back to the convo of today. My initial thought was that he wanted to say how his recent weight loss was due to a new program or supplement. Instead, he inquired if I enjoyed documentaries and if Netflix was accessible. Yes and yes.

With great excitement he wrote down two documentary titles along with his personal email. He implored me to watch them and email him my reactions to the films. His assistant was kind of giggling while telling me he is doing this with nearly every patient and they've all been encouraged to watch the suggested programs because, "it will change the way you think about food."

He shared that he is back to his high school weight and feeling better than he ever has in his life. The films changed his life. "Netflix and my elliptical... great partnering."

What's your dentist like? Is my experience unique? I won't tell you the film titles until after I watch them ... pinky swear that I'll share the titles and my impression of them in a later blog post.

Oh, by the way, these conversations take place without his fingers in my mouth or one of those spit sucker uppers attached to my lip.

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  1. I cannot say that my conversations are quite the same. I have a female dentist and she is very mother like. Yes, even for me a 53 year old woman, she is like my mother. She is probably no more than 5 years older, but, she is like a mother. I typically like small talk. The last time I was on a table with doctors and nurses all over me was when I underwent a sympathetic nerve block. While I did not experience sympathy, I did entertain them with my conversations about the Munsters as I had visited a place in Munster Indiana and yes, the doctor's chambers were as antiquated as Grandpa! I also remember the conversation in between OMG's and "give her more pain killer!" I do remember thinking, "darn, he is looking at my back chub, darn, I need to lose weight!


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