Monday, December 23, 2013

MaRissmas Card

2013 has flown by at lightning speed, it seems. Someone once said that as we age the years tend to do that. Is it because we have little to look forward to or that we are just so much enjoying watching our children grow that we want to savor every second? My money is on the latter. We learn to relish the moments instead of always looking for something better and shiny. OK, mayhaps I cannot speak for you. As for me, I revel in the moment. Most of the time. Well, in retrospect. This year has zipped by, damn it. I don't like it!

But here we are...

Christmas is just two days away. One day if you're one of those people who doesn't count the day we are in. Changes at work, Mancub being in college... I've been busy and time got away from me. So, there is no card of any sort being sent out. On Facebook, I promised a blog post Christmas card. Even that nearly got away from me. 

Today, I'm off from work. Because the month managed to be shorter, somehow, gifts for coworkers weren't bought. So, I'm spending the day baking them cookies whilst still sporting my pajamas, hair pulled back and looking a sight more reminiscent of Halloween than holly jolly holiday-ish. No matter how scary I look, the cookies will be fantastical! Five dozen (or less) are all ready, but another variety needs to be available. I said "or less" because I have a 19 year old boy living here who loves cookies and thinks all things sweet and chocolatey are just for him. What I baked may not be the number I deliver.

So, back to the Christmas blog card. 

This year has brought many wonderful things. First on my list is that Mancub graduated from high school. If you have been reading my bog since its early years, does it feel like you've watched him grow up? Amazing, right? I gloat a lot about the kid, but he deserves all the praise. Additionally, he started his first year of college locally. Completed the first semester in a manner that makes me beam with pride. It is the first time he has had to entirely speak for himself and be his own advocate with his Aspergers.  He has impressed me immeasurably.  What a remarkable young man he has become. 

The beginning of the year also carried with it our mother / son participation in another Kankakee Valley Theatre Association production. Our first was STATE FAIR a few years ago. This time it was THE WEDDING SINGER. So much fun and wonderful friendships were established because of it. While it was fantasmic to receive applause for my portrayal of Grandma Rosie, it was what took place behind the scenes that really matters and has longevity. I love my extended family.

In between major events we took trips to Brookfield Zoo and Six Flags Great America. We didn't get to take a major vacation, but the little things seemed monumental because I was counting the minutes. Oh, I also attended my first Gay Pride Parade. Talk about a feast for the eyes. what a great time with two of my dearest pals.  

Oh man! I almost ended this post without mentioning one of the cooliest things -- I know! 2013 was spectacular and the events just keep coming. 
Thirty years after graduation I was finally given a tiara and unofficially named Queen of the class reunion. Woop! This just so happened to also occur the night before my 48th birthday. Having classmates sing "Happy Birthday to You" was truly a tear jerking moment for this one time wall flower.
On my actual birthday we went canoeing down the Kankakee River. Holy crap! That was a hoot...even if I ended up falling out of the canoe and getting sand in parts of my body I didn't realize existed. Totally worth it!
I love this pic

That was the Speedy Gonzalez version of 2013. You didn't want a play by play anyway. With such blabbering you'd probably wish for a generic, mass produced card... ya know, it just gets to the point.

Did I mention that I let my hair go completely gray? Silver? Platinum? Whichever shade of non-brunette you want to call it. I am no longer bothering with chemically youth-anizing my locks.
I am 5'10"ish and not in a hole. My kid towers over me

This year has brought us many ups and downs. That is, after all, how life works, yes? There have been world wide tragedies, local devastations. Our family has changed. My niece and her husband are expecting their first child. The Eastridge class of 1983 celebrated 30 years post graduation and bid farewell to one of our own. Through the magic of Facebook many of us have grown closer and built a kinship unlike what we had in school. It has developed a big source for support when life is getting us down to having a force for celebration when great news strikes. Two wonderful friends got engaged (see photo from Gay Pride Parade above). Now, Illinois is a freedom to marry state! Celebrate! 

I think what I am trying to say is that we can find the positive things if we look for it ... even if it means sitting down with a laptop computer and making a list. We are the result of what we choose our lives to be. That could be a frivolous notion for some of you, but you attract that which you give. I'm learning that each and every day. 

From Mancub and me to you and yours, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014. My sincere wish is for everyone to find love and peace. 

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