Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sing. Sing a Song

Music is almost always playing in our house. My son often has ear buds in. He'll listen to a variety of tunes. Often, he will listen to variations of the same song. We sing in the car together. Mostly, on those occasions, we are tweaking the lyrics to humor ourselves.

My kiddo was never in choir. The only concert he sang in was in 2nd grade Christmas. His struggle to maintain the choral stance on a riser was a true test. His Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis made it difficult. Still, he had love of music. He was in band (trombone) for a couple of years. It wasn't his true love, but he stuck with it until scholastic requirements meant he couldn't take band as an elective.

I have a love of musical theater and talked him into auditioning for a couple of shows. He enjoyed it. It is structured socialization. Plus, it was mother-son time without me appearing to be a helicopter mom striving to have quality time.

Mancub is now a sophomore in college. He transferred to the local university from community college. My sister took him to registration because it was a last minute decision to change schools and I was locked into my work schedule. He had been undecided on his major. After spending time with a guidance adviser she looked over his strengths and they declared communications major with a minor in theater. With that, he had to audition for a voice class. He surely wasn't expecting it nor had he prepared. I give him major kudos because I don't believe I could have gone into an audition cold like that. He sang "Amazing Grace." My sister texted me to let me know when he was in with the director of the program. Accompaniment was provided, but he sang for my sister acapella. She said it made her melt. He has a sincerity in his voice. You know his heart is in it when he sings. He doesn't belt out a tune, but he is fearless. His audition landed him in a voice class and he is loving it!

Tonight he excused himself to go practice upstairs. I tried to eavesdrop, but like I said, he doesn't sing loudly. I figured if he wants to sing for me he will.

Well, tonight was the night. After spending an hour or so practicing, he came downstairs and asked if I'd like to listen. Of course!!! He grabbed his music book and opened it up to the song of choice. Without music, he started singing a song they just started to learn: Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies."  My eyes welled up. My son sang for me. He stood before me and crooned a tune. Wow! No, this is not the first time he sang while I was around. It is the first time he sang just for me.

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