Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall in Line

Today may be September 22, but this gal isn't succumbing to autumn just yet. Here in the Midwest we were robbed of summer. With June being one big torrential downpour, I demand a month extension of sum,sum,summertime!!

Like many people, my son and I were enslaved by the sump pump and overflowing water table. We don't live terribly far from the banks of the Kankakee River.We both got our share of exercise running up and down the basement stairs to jiggle the pump. Every 20 minutes day after day after day we dealt with that blasted thing attempting to prevent the basement from flooding and damaging the furnace. I guess the saving grace in all of it is that the under dwelling of the house is more like a constructed cave instead of it being additional living space.

I give you actual footage during a downpour that included tornado warnings. Eek! My son was a total champ. In some ways it was a blessing he hadn't found full-time employment. His round the clock job was manning the beast in the basement.

There was some consideration given to trying to block up the leaks, but fear of the whole wall crashing in kept me from literally toying around with it.

Anywho, I hold nothing against autumn. The temperatures are pleasant. I can wear sweaters, boots, tights. Bye bye razor!! The big downside to the leaf changing season is that it is too soon followed by winter. Winter. WINTER!! There is no win in winter unless you're my friends Chase or Jessica. Those goofs love winter because they get to ski. I don't ski. On a dare I made snow angels a couple of years ago. That's the extent of my sporting life.

While we are talking about fall, can we all agree that the pumpkin spice thing is way out of control? Yes, it smells yummy. Sure, I enjoy a little sum-sum in my morning coffee, but it is just a mixture of spices, y'all. There are quite a few fake products hitting social media. Such as, Playtex Pumpkin Spice Tampons, Sometimes I see a real product and shake my head. The mall where I work smells of a bakery on Thanksgiving due to all the pumpkin aromas being sold at Bath and Body Works.

As a kid, I loathed pumpkin pie unless half a tub of Cool Whip was on top of it. Now, it's a taste much enjoyed ... especially if cheesecake is incorporated in it. There's probably pumpkin spice flavored Cool Whip on the market now. Dare I search for it? Yes, I shall! Negatory. There is a recipe for pumpkin pie fluff frosting that involves pudding of that flavor mixed with the stuff. I would probably eat that directly from the bowl. As I said, it is not offensive to my taste buds. What boggles the mind is the near lunatic behavior over it.

Please don't think you're being judged if you go bonkers. It is just me not understanding it. It's me. Not you. No, really. I mean it.

As for lattes, coffee flavors etc, I am more of a caramel macchiato kind of gal. Or splash in a smidgen of hazelnut creamer to please my taste buds.

Back to summer. The fan is still in my bedroom window at night even if I have to throw on three blankets and burrow in to keep from freezing. My flip flops have not been retired to the closet. It is just too soon. September isn't over yet. Please, just give me that before putting Halloween decorations in the yard or stacking up the pumpkins next to hay bales on the porch. Let's remember that old man winter comes whipping around the corner long before trick or treat candy is marked down.


  1. I *knew* that we were caramel macchiato sisters of the soul! My husband gets that pumpkin spice mess, and I just don't think it's natural to suck that stuff through a straw, you know?

    1. Yes!! I like the skinny cinnamon dolce, too.


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