Sunday, September 20, 2015


Whoa! So much time between posts. What gives, man? 

A quick synopsis:

Blood work
No more cancer
50th birthday 

The most earth shattering event ... we cancelled cable!! I'm also no longer strapped to a wireless contract. I know what freedom truly feels like, kids. Although, Netflix has me wrapped around its little finger. For a time, Amazon Prime streaming held me in its grasp. Rather than renew, I sweated through the withdrawals ... or was that menopause? Anyway, Netflix provides us with plenty of entertainment. Cutting the cord was not nearly as traumatic as I had always pictured it being. 

When I called the demon company to cancel I was prepared for battle. If you ever had an AOL account and tried to end the relationship you know what I am talking about. You get passed from automated message to automated message that declares you're next to be helped. Then, a human being answers. However, you press 1 out of habit and accidentally disconnect. Enraged, you dial the 800 number and scream at whomever or whatever you hear on the other end. 

Luckily, it was a quick call with an immediate disconnection of the service. Voila! Internet service was retained, of course. Several programs are available online.Who knew?Facebook friends shared ways in which to get some television programming via a cheap antenna that doesn't require climbing on the roof to install. It was also surprising how many people were also cable free.

This new freedom isn't without frustration, mind you. Some networks require cable subscriptions in order to view programming online. Jerks. BravoTV is possibly the biggest arsehole of them all. At least of the networks I am rather embarrassed to admit viewing have such requirement. The shows are mostly reality based crapfests.  Yes, the not-so-real housewives of Orange County and New York pulled me into the vortex. Alas, it will be a year or so before Dramona, The Countless, and Scamra and I are caught up on who is the bigger bitchfaced liar pants. 

The worst part about not having BravoTV is that The People's Couch is returning for a third season and I will miss it! It is a hilarious program where a people are filmed while watching a variety of shows. The commentary reminds me of watching TV with my son or any one of my family members. 

Exhibit A:

I'll miss you Brandy& Julie; Emerson, Blake, Scott (and your sassy socks); Zeno Family; The Egbers; Cathy, Destiney; The Glammas; Amanda, Kenya; last but not least,The Resnicks. Hopefully, Bravo won't be greedy with you and I will get my fix.

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