Monday, October 21, 2013

Choosing is easy


When I choose a wine, the label had better be interesting. My good friend chooses wine similarly. His boyfriend confirms that the contents could be skunk piss, but as long as the bottle is interesting he will buy it.

A few years ago, before I could afford cable and internet, we frequented the library. My driver's license had an address within the public library district and I was able to obtain a card at no charge. Now, I have to fork over nearly $200. per year because I live outside city limits.

OK, sorry. Distracted by detail.

Prior to cable and internet I checked out dozens of books per month. Chick lit mostly because all I wanted was to be entertained. Perusing the shelves looking for specific titles and authors didn't do the trick. Not being an avid reader, I had no favorites and Danielle Steel no longer did the trick. So, with that in mind and knowing all I needed was lightweight smut and girly adventure, I sought out pink and purple stereotypical feminine book binding.

Yes, I totally judged a book by its cover. No, I didn't look for the ones with the a damsel having her corset torn from her ample bosom by a swashbuckler with windblown, shoulder length hair. Bleah.

It's a simple way of life and probably speaks volumes about my superficiality. It doesn't bother me if you think less of me. You've probably judged a few books by their cover, too.

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