Sunday, January 20, 2013

Unnecessary How-to

A few months ago I landed on Wiki-How thanks to a link on Pinterest. As a result of that I began following Wiki-How on Twitter. Now and then, I click the link. There are some useful things and others are simple things that one might assume everyone knows how to do.

For sake of experimentation and boredom, I searched what I think is the simplest thing on Earth to make: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Wiki-How did not disappoint. It has instructions complete with photographs. It, however, uses the wonkiest piece of bread they could find. I'd post the actual photo of said wackadoo slice of bread, but I'd probably be violating some copyright and I can't even afford to pay GoDaddy! to use my other blog let alone some legal fees to defend my intention to merely point fingers and laugh rather than steal.

OK, this is the link to the Wiki-How to make a PB&J.

Did you check it out? Scroll all the way down and they've added how to really jazz up your sandwich, as well as, tips on how to properly pack your culinary masterpiece in a lunch box.

More gems from the 'no duh!' category:

You get the picture. Boredom does weird things. Without bored people there wouldn't be Wiki-How and then what would I do when I was bored?

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