Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee, bagel and a curious conversation

Today after I received multiple injections in my left leg -- part of treatment for totally grody varicose veins -- I walked across the clinic's parking lot to imbibe in coffee and a bagel.

(French toast crunch, if you must know.)

There I sat sipping my hazelnut coffee and scrolling through Google News when a woman who, judging by the volume of her voice, seemed oblivious that she was inside a restaurant where most people read and chill rather than a rock concert, came strolling over.  She was greeted by a couple others and went on to explain why she was late to what sounded like a weekly gathering.

It was then that it seemed a grand idea for me to post what I overheard to Facebook.

Rather than retype what has already been put into words, I copied and now shall execute the paste:

FYI, apparently the plural of breakfasts is breakfastes ... At least according to the woman behind me.

It's clear what a people person I am, right? Well, I like people watching and documenting their behaviors. It is fascinating, sometimes, what goes on in the lives of others. This woman was either completely oblivious to how loudly she was speaking or she truly wanted every patron to know her woes and that her sister is a selfish, self-centered whiny baby. Oh, and let's not forget that having a tummy tuck was the best decision she ever made.


  1. Mr. Trafton use to do this every weekend in Chicago. He would sit and study people and write about them. Too Funny!

    1. It is definitely an interesting hobby. I used to do it a lot more often. Sometimes just watching people and guessing, based on their body language, what relationship they have to the people accompanying them and embellishing greatly. Very humorous. It is best when you have a partner in crime because you can have a full on lip-dub conversation.

  2. There's a poignant comedy sketch in that material.

    1. Hmmm we happen to know two amazing women who do sketch comedy webisodes.


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