Monday, September 1, 2008

No title works for this one

With all the daunting and seriousness life has imposed lately, I felt this was a good time for some joy and levity. Lilacspecs was kind enough to expose me to this funky, fun band straight out of Copenhagen (check out her blog. It's groovy. I promise.) I hope you take a minute to push away from the computer desk, slide the laptop from your thighs to get up and dance a little.
Follow up:
Sis is far from being out of the woods, but she is home and resting. Well, sort of. Pain from surgery and angst from general life woes is keeping her from being totally comfortable. MJ, the eldest of her boys, came home from college after only a week of being gone. He needed to see that mom was truly alive and kicking. Typically it is never recommended for a student to return home after only just getting to college. It's a rough transition and he was reluctant to return. Finally this morning, he hopped in his Grand Prix and made tracks back to school. It's a 3 hour drive, but it's where he needs to be. So much is awaiting him. He has no idea how proud this aunt is of his accomplishments and abilities. I tell him, but I think he just believes I'm a goof.
This entire situation has me a little beside myself. It's not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. I've never been faced with having to be responsible for keeping the family informed. Maureen has always taken on that task. I've always been the one to breakdown and cry at the drop of a hat. That was my token role. Well, roles have shifted and I'm discovering a new facet of myself. I do tear up and feel helpless, but there is no doubt that I'm benefiting from the numerous prayers said on my/our behalf from you. God is guiding me. I'm letting HIM. My motto is "Let go; Let God."
In spite of the circumstances regarding my sister, I am presented with joy and light. Not only do I find inspiration in my sister, but those who give her care. Her best friend Kris resides in her home and is selflessly giving of her time and love to look after Maureen, JP and MJ (Maureen's sons.) I find reassurance in her presence. Maureen and the boys find comfort in her giving spirit and love. Kris and I have recently managed to be comfortable communicating openly. She knows she can lean on me and I lean right back.
My sister is in for the fight of her life. She needs to know those who love her are on the battlefield right along side her. And it's my job to make it so.

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