Sunday, December 9, 2007

Love Actually

If I had to choose a modern Christmas favorite flick it would be (and is) 2003s Love Actually. This is not the kind of movie where you gather up the kinfolk, drink hot chocolate and string popcorn. This is an adult subject cornucopia to behold. I watch it anytime of the year, but the setting in the film is Christmas.

You're taken on a winding trail of vignettes that eventually lead you to a singular path about finding love, losing love, rekindling love and saying goodbye to love. It's simply fantastic. It all begins with visions of loving people greeting one another in an airport (presumed to be Heathrow). Hugh Grant's distinctive voice is narrating what it is that brings us all together on this planet: Love actually.

The cast includes some of my favorite actors and actresses: Colin Firth ... meow! Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Laura Linney. Did I mention Colin Firth? I so adore him. He's just a delicious looking man. It's the accent, perhaps. Mmmm who cares!

Before I go off on a tangent about my lust for Colin, I'll just encourage anyone who hasn't seen this movie to do so. Buy it! Target is a bargain shopper's place for videos. I promise once you view it you'll want to watch it again and again. Once again I will stress this isn't something you watch with your children on Christmas Eve. Watch it with someone you adore, someone who won't care that you're drooling over Colin Firth. See it with a friend whom you treasure.

The soundtrack has some really great tunes on it, too. Here's a listing of the songs per Internet Movie Data base

"Christmas Is All Around"Written by Reg PresleyPerformed by Bill NighyCourtesy of Universal Pictures Music
"All You Need Is Love"By John Lennon (as Lennon) and Paul McCartney (as McCartney)Performed by Lynden David HallCourtesy of Universal Pictures Music
"Take Me As I Am"By Wyclef Jean (as Jean), Jerry 'Wonder' Duplessis (as Duplessis) and Sharissa (as Dawes)Performed by Wyclef Jean featuring SharissaCourtesy of Clef Records and J RecordsSharissa appears courtesy of Henchman Entertainment/ Czar Enterntainment
"Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)"By Bob Crewe (as Crew) and Bob Gaudio (as Gaudio)Performed by Bay City RollersCourtesy of BMG UK & Ireland Ltd
"Puppy Love"By Paul Anka (as Anka)Performed by S Club JuniorsCourtesy of Polydor UK Ltd
"Sweetest Goodbye"By Adam Levine (as Levine), Jesse Carmichael (as Carmichael), Ryan Dusick (as Dusick), James Valentine (as Valentini) and Mickey Madden (as Madden)Performed by Maroon 5Courtesy of Octjay LLC
"All I Want For Christmas Is You"By Mariah Carey (as Carey) and Walter Afanasieff (as Afanasieff)Arranged by FloodPerformed by Tessa NilesCourtesy of Universal Pictures Music
"I'll See It Through"By John McElhone (as McElhone), Sharleen Spiteri (as Spiteri) and ChambersPerformed by TexasCourtesy of Mercury Records Ltd (London)
"River"By Joni Mitchell (as Mitchell)Performed by Joni MitchellCourtesy of Warner Strategic Marketing UK
"Jump (For My Love)"By Gary Skardina (as Skardina), Stephen Mitchell (as Mitchell) and Marti Sharron (as Sharron)Performed by The Pointer SistersCourtesy of BMG/ BMG UK & Ireland Ltd
"Here With Me"By Peter Gabriel (as Gabriel), Paul Stathan (as Statham) and Dido (as Armstrong)Performed by DidoCourtesy of Cheeky Records/ BMG UK & Ireland Ltd
"Rose"By James Horner (as Horner)From the Original Motion Picture Score "Titanic (1997)"Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp
"Too Lost In You"By Diane Warren (as Warren)Performed by SugababesCourtesy of Universal-Island Records Ltd
"Like I Love You"By Pharrell Williams (as Williams), Chad Hugo (as Hugo), Pusha T (as T. Thornton), Malice (as G. Thornton) and Justin Timberlake (as Timberlake)Performed by Justin TimberlakeCourtesy of Jive Records Ltd
"Turn Me On"By LoudermilkPerformed by Norah JonesCourtesy of EMI Records Ltd
"Songbird"By Christine McVie (as McVie)Performed by Eva CassidyCourtesy of Blix Street Records/ Hot Records
"All Alone On Christmas"By Steve Van Zandt (as Van Zandt)Performed by Darlene LoveCourtesy of Arista Records Inc. and BMG UK & Ireland Ltd
"Smooth"By Rob Thomas (as Thomas) and Itaal Shur (as Shur)Performed by Santana featuring Rob ThomasCourtesy of Arista Records Inc. and BMG UK & Ireland Ltd
"Wherever You Will Go"By Aaron Kamin (as Kamin) and Alex Band (as Band)Performed by The CallingCourtesy of RCA Records
"Both Sides Now"By Joni Mitchell (as Mitchell)Performed by Joni MitchellCourtesy of Warner Strategic Marketing UK
"White Christmas"By Irving Berlin (as Berlin)Performed by Otis ReddingCourtesy of Warner Strategic Marketing UK
"Silent Night"By Franz Gruber (uncredited) and Joseph Mohr (uncredited)Performed by Pre TeensCourtesy of Pickwick Group Ltd
"Good King Wenceslas"(Traditional)Modern Lyrics by John M. Neale (uncredited)Performed by Hugh Grant and Andrew Tinker
"Catch A Falling Star"By Lee Pockriss (as Pockriss) and Paul Vance (as Vance)Performed by CastCourtesy of Universal Pictures Music
"All I Want For Christmas Is You"By Mariah Carey (as Carey) and Walter Afanasieff (as Afanasieff)Performed by Olivia OlsonCourtesy of Universal Pictures Music
"God Only Knows"By Tony Asher (as Asher) and Brian Wilson (as Wilson)Performed by The Beach BoysCourtesy of EMI Records Ltd
"The Trouble With Love Is"By Evan Rogers (as Rogers), Carl Sturken (as Sturken) and Kelly Clarkson (as Clarkson)Performed by Kelly ClarksonCourtesy of 19 Recordings and The RCA Records Label
"Jump (For My Love)"By Gary Skardina (as Skardina), Stephen Mitchell (as Mitchell) and Marti Sharron (as Sharron)Performed by Girls AloudCourtesy of Polydor UK Ltd (Worldwide, except U.S. / Canada)
"Glasgow Love Theme"(uncredited)By Craig Armstrong (as Armstrong)Performed by Craig Armstrong


  1. Talk about feel-good movie! Talk about plethora of eye candy! Colin Firth... and I may sound like a sicko, but I have always thought that Alan Rickman was sexy... (especially when he has his hair dyed black and is a sneaky bad guy)... and ooooh... Laura Linney's crush... holy moley!! But the most adorable story line for me was with Hugh Grant and the little brunette girl. Which was your favourite?

  2. You know, Alan Rickman does have a certain sensuality.
    I would have to say I love story between Colin Firth (Jamie) and Aurelia. They don't speak each other's language, but through it all they find such endearing love for one another ::swoon:: The entire scene when he goes to Portugal and asks her hand in marriage is such a hoot! Love it!


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