Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Whoa! Hold on cowboy!

  • Conversation started August 1
  • Davis Clark Ben
    Davis Clark Ben

    Hi Beauty Angel,
    Sweet, lovely, honest, trust, caring, kind and enduring is you and I hope you are in good health. Am Engineer Davis Clark and am from the United Kingdom. I work as an Engineer with Mobil Exxon. I am a single Dad and my wife died after 2yrs i was divorced and I have being praying for a new love to come by. I don't know why am telling you all these but just want to be open minded with you. Precisely, am not getting any younger and my dream is to have a wife i can called my own which i will spend all my life with, my wealth and the rest of my life.
    Your profile struck my eyes and went straight to my heart. You really look like someone who is easy going with and just like in my dreams and what I desire although its weird am telling you this for my first letter to you but like I said I want to be open minded and not hiding in shadows.
    I love Vacation, Outing with family, Beach Walk as well as Shopping. I love a Lady who enjoy spending time with her family and wants to share Travel, Passion, Fine Food, Intellectual Conversation with a good Bottle of Red Wine as well as sitting in front of the fireplace and growing old together. My wish here is to get involve in a serious relationship or wish to meet a lady who intend to get married. Apart from my work am a very loving and caring person and I can give to you the best of love you have never felt before. I guess my letter is not getting boring to you but loving. Just email me back if you accept me.
    I will keep my desire for my next letter. I love and cherish u....Kisssssssss...mmmmmm
    Eng. Devis clark.
DAMN IT! Another missed opportunity sent to Facebook's "other messages" folder. Do you think he's still single? He dispenses his words like a Pez dispenser shoots out flavored, rectangular chalk bits. Wow. Sit in front of a fireplace growing old? Damn, damn, damn.

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