Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vlog you!

My appearance is pretty rough in this one.  Part of my development and pursuit to happiness is being comfortable with myself.  Vanity is an element that I must face.  So, here I am post Turbo Fire Sculpt 30 workout.  My hair is thinning on the front and sides. I'm aware of it and typically do my hair in a manner which hides the tell-tale signs.  A few days ago the split ends pestered me each time I looked down at the hair laying across my shoulders.  Like an 11 year old the day before picture day, I took matters into my own hands. Armed with cheap barber scissors ... snip. snip. snipsnipsnip.  The following day all the crooked sins were evident.  Snippity snip again.  It's just hair, after all. Mine grows back at an alarming rate. It may be thin, but it grows like weeds.  While I'm on the subject of my hair, I have stopped coloring it.  Well, I've discontinued using a permanent hair color.  Instead, I use an ammonia free wash out formula.  At some point the true color of my hair will lurk beneath the rinsable color.  That's when I'll just let it all hang out.
Speaking of letting it all hang out ... I'm participating in Boobie-thon again -- click the icon in the upper right margin.  When Thelma and Louise are bared on the site I'll let you all know.   The idea is to get people to donate funds for breast cancer research while enjoying the photos of women who shed themselves of inhibitions (for a good cause).  Guys, you can contribute your awesome pecs, too!  Something for everyone. 

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