Friday, September 24, 2010

It's tricky

Blogging about one's life can be a sticky wicket.  Obviously, I don't lead a completely solitary life.  So, for that, writing about my daily adventures often brings other people into the picture.  I can change their names to protect the innocent (or not so much depending on the situation). However, it's not that hard to figure out who it is I'm making reference.  This is why my blog posts have been inconsistent.  You come here hoping for something new.  Your Google Reader doesn't show anything for Marissology. You swing by just in case it is a network glitch and .......... nada.

A week passes by and there is nothing posted.

What the hell?

Something that hasn't changed is my quest to be fit and healthy.  Slowly but surely my weight is dropping.  Jeans that are three sizes smaller than those in March, 2010 were purchased.  Yet, I don't find the need to report daily on my workouts or food intake.  There's more to my life than losing weight.  For me, constant fixation on that subject matter may make me appear self indulgent -- bloggers often are, as such -- but even more so, I would hate to come across like a know-it-all, former food addict, holier than thou convert.  No one wants someone else's life shoved down their throats.  I know I sure as hell do not ... unless it will make me laugh.  For the record, I know for a short time that is exactly what I was doing.  It is not innately me.  Doing that was as comfortable as wearing a pair of shoes that are 2 sizes too small. My apologies to those who were turned off by my single track of thought.

Now, back to me (That's tongue in cheek. Laugh, damn it.)

architecture Chicago river tour
For the past couple of weeks I was living a fantastical fantasy.  It's over until the next installment. That's about all I can share.  The city of Chicago was involved.  A lot of walking around the lovely, surprisingly clean city was part of the fantasy.  Even the weather succumbed to a supporting role in our one act play. Perfection.

Here's a little sum-sum that I can share:  A customer flirted with me in my place of employment.  NEWS FLASH! Alert the media. Yes, it can happen!! He wasn't pitifully unattractive.  He may have been mentally ill, but beyond that, it was a nice snack for my often times sickly ego.  I don't normally venture out from behind the glass wall of our laboratory.  On this particular day it seemed I spent very little time on my side of the glass.  In my quest to broaden my knowledge, it has become necessary for me to share myself with the public.  Let me just say that most of you (public) can be kind and agreeable.  But then there are those who think they can treat us common folk in the customer service industry like shitty little pissants. Stop it. If I ever take up voodoo or become a Wicca you're all in trouble. Pass it along.

Anyway, this guy underlined his phone number three times -- HIPAA laws prevent me from using it for personal use, however. I have a sneaking suspicion that he is flirty with nearly all walks of female species.  Still, it didn't take away from the fact that for a millisecond it made me giggly and blushing for an hour after his departure.

There you go.  A little snippet shared from the life of Marissa.  And a snap shot to boot!


  1. Hope you got to FANTASTIC Millennium Park... Frank Gehry Pritzker Pavilion..Cloud Gate Silver Bean sculpture...Crown Fountain...JUST FABULOUS!!!

  2. We did! The Latin Music Fest was going on at Pritzker. WONDERFUL Mariachi music. Strolled through the botanical garden. Then, we walked to the Palmer House and basked it the beauty while sipping coffee.


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