Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's happenin'?

This summer is introducing Mancub and I to an entirely new experience.  Reporting that we're headed to Disney World or taking a long awaited holiday in Costa Rica would be ideal, but alas we're tethered to good ol' Kankakee for another vacationless season of humidity and mosquitoes.  What's new is that we're providing a homeland vacation spot for the son of my closest and dearest friend.  It's surreal to say the very least, much like my whirlwind reconnection with my prom date and object of deeply hidden affection.  Well, deeply hidden until the last few months.  It's one of those things that will likely never come to full fruition, but the friendship is undeniable.  I'm effed. You can go on and say it.

Our adventure of the summer began with a trip to O'Hare International.  It is here where I'll mention my poor sense of direction (both figuratively and literally).  My friend Jen and her two daughters accompanied Mancub and me in the van graciously loaned to me by my sister.  While my ability to read simple directions and maps may be challenged, my instinct was right on.  One exit away from the airport and I blinked.  Poof! Ten miles out of the way later a nice toll booth worker (female, if you must know) told me how to get turned around.  Jen's daughters gasped in horror as expletives spewed from my gaping pie-hole.  I was already entrenched in fear of this boy loathing me or thinking I was just too dorky beyond words.  Then, to potentially not be waiting for him when he stepped off the plane after being in the air for nine hours ... nausea kicked in along with my potty mouth. Arriving only a few minutes after his plane was scheduled to land -- on time -- we stood with our gigantic, bound-to-embarrass sign.  There, we waited at the international flights arrival zone.  It was unmistakable who our esteemed guest was by the overwhelming look on his face upon seeing his name in huge red letters on poster board.

Any angst that I had been feeling was washed away by the non-stop bantering taking place as we strolled back to the parking lot.  With a sigh of relief, it was made obvious that we all needed to use the bathroom.  Mid-day at the oasis!  I'd bet $100 it was the same oasis his father and I stopped at when he visited months ago.  I couldn't stop myself from singing "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" as the van made its way up the exit ramp.  That song was playing the day we stopped there and used the restroom -- both of us confessing we were singing along while we did our business.  It's not the most romantic scenario but perfectly us. One of those ideal moments in time that will never be recaptured.

And here we are ... the boys are in the living room playing video games.  Yesterday I came home to find them dueling Yu-Gi-OH! style on the floor.  It's a card duel game.  July 4th was particularly eventful as our guest hasn't celebrated in the States for many years.  We spent the day frolicking in the pool at my sister's with an abundance of kids, shooting off fireworks and eating.  What's more American than that? 

I think he's having a good time.  He hasn't sent out a distress call yet.  Our feline kids haven't adjusted to him yet.  They are quite rude as they run by hissing and growling.  I have faith that we'll all settle in to a comfort level.  It's certainly a different experience as Mancub and I are so often the two amigos.  It's a welcome change from the norm.  Now, Mancub gets a summer break that would otherwise be boring as watching paint dry.  It's a win/win for every one here at Haus von Marissa.

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