Sunday, August 17, 2008

The roar of the greasepaint; the smell of the crowd

Part 2 in a series of however long it takes me to finish

There are fundamental things about me that you should know:

1) I am insecure as hell.

2) I laugh when in an uncomfortable situation -- rely on comedy to rescue me.

3) I will always love music and singing.

4) When I'm comfortable, I'm totally opposite of the woman you initially met. Call me Eve or Sybil.
Because of those basic aspects of my personality, I love to be on stage. For me, life has footlights, receptive audiences, an interesting supporting cast and eventually a curtain call ... let's hope the latter doesn't come for a long time.
While having lunch with my family on my birthday, I was encouraged to audition for our local theater company's fall musical: STATE FAIR (Kankakee Valley Theatre Association - KVTA.) The problem was that I was already scheduled to work during the first night of auditions and I had a date for the second night. I didn't want to lose out on a chance to return to the most cathartic thing I can do for myself. My niece, Amanda, is the choreographer for the show clued me in that she thought the director would welcome my presence and grant me an one on one audition. She gave me the director's email and arrangements were made for a Saturday morning audition. The director informed me that I wouldn't be considered for a primary role, but welcomed "your bubbly personality." Being known for bubbly and outgoing gives me a great sense of inner joy. However, not being in consideration for an actual role ate away at me. I had two choices: Cancel my date for Friday and hope he understood. Or, ask to leave work early using the threat that my healthy state of mind would benefit everybody. I chose the latter and risked losing a part to spend time with the gentleman who wanted to dine with me.
It really seemed that things were going in my favor the week of August 10-16. After having such a dismal and disappointing summer of '08, I deserved positivity. I try to put good vibes into the universe. Friends and family remind me that I'll get what's due to me in the long run. Me thinks the week setting off my 43rd year is a brilliant reminder that good things come to those who pray.
... more to come on both the audition and the date.

Lydia, I know you hate cliff hangers. Sorry, love.


  1. Excellent, good luck with your adventure and following your dreams! ....oh and Happy Birthday! :)

  2. I think you're awesome! It takes a lot of courage to know yourself well enough to know what to do to grow. YAY!


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