Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A quick update

Maureen came through surgery like a champ. The surgeon wasn't able to perform the various procedures due to the wonky nature of the carcinoid. A biopsy was done and sent to pathology. I haven't heard the results at this time.
At this point it's a matter of recovery from this surgery and consult with the oncologist team at Loyola to make a new plan of action. The abdominal mass, in essence, needs to be reduced in size so the other surgical procedures can be done. If I understand correctly, the carcinoid has a webbing effect and was leeched on to vital vessels, intestines and bowel. So, removing a large portion could lead to severe bleeding and compromise Maureen's stability while under anesthesia. The surgeon made a 2+ hour attempt to remove it without jeopardizing Maureen's health and internal organs.

I spoke with Maureen today and, although groggy, she sounded as well as can be expected. If she's able to pass the tests posed to her by her doctors and nursing staff, we expect she'll come home Thursday. I wish I had more definitive answers. I can only ask that God's divine intervention and Almighty powerful healing hands will blast out this carcinoid so she's able to live a long, productive life.
May the surgeons and doctors find the perfect treatment for her. I pray, you pray, we all pray. Thanks to all of you who have joined in as a prayer warrior for Maureen and our family. I sincerely feel the power of your words. I personally have emotional peace and a calm that I don't normally have in stressful times. That's not to say I'm not scared or concerned. I am. I'm terrified. I'd be lying to say otherwise. But I'm managing to find the words to give some comfort to my nephew and myself.


  1. I am so glad to hear that Maureen is awake, even if she is groggy. I have been sending little thoughts and prayers up for both of you all week and will continue to do so!


  2. Rupe is glad you feel the power of everyone's prayers, MissRiss. It truly is testament of the protection God is bestowing on your sister, you and yours.

    We continue to urge protection and speedy healing to sis, comfort and strength in this time of need and words of encouragement to all your family and acquaintances touched by this situation.

    Blessings ...................... Rupe

  3. So glad to hear she is doing okay. Please keep us updated on how she is doing. She is in my thoughts.

  4. Still here. Still lifting all y'all up in prayer. Sending love and TLC your way...

  5. XOXO

    Thank you for the updates.


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